Sunday, July 13, 2008

Silly Me

I woke up this morning wanting to make a change. Yes, I need to. After what happened yesterday, I told myself :"I am not gonna be pathetic anymore!"

What I really want?!

So the first thing I thought about was going to have a gym session. I changed my clothes. Then I enthusiastically packed my gym bag, filling in my favourite pair of jeans and that tight stripes-T with my not-so-outstanding underwear. Not forgetting to fill up my water bottle and rushed out the front door and started the engine of my car.

Yes, nothing gonna stop me this time. Whatever it is, I will get out of my house and work out my body. I concentrate and fill my mind with all those hunky studs who has the perfect body. Yes, I will become one of them. I will pump all my muscles and have big arms, huge pecs, firm ass... I am gonna be fucking gorgeous! As if I am gonna be the next Mr. International! :p

The next Mr. International

So off I went. Driving my car all the way from my house to the fitness club, listening to Mariah Carey's latest album. OK fine, I admit I sang along too, like an idiotic bitch yelling in high pitch. You know how high Mariah can go, right? I tell you my car's window would've broken if I were to sing any louder.

Anyway, after yelling a few songs in the car, I reached KL city and heading to the fitness club. Parked my car, I grabbed my gym bag and water bottle, locked my car and off I went. I kept walking and walking. I felt strange. Something wrong. And I kept walking...

Then I stopped. I looked down. Then I realized, I was wearing my sandals instead of my sport shoes. Fucked! I remember the fitness club is very strict about sport attire when you go for work-out. It's even funnier when I realized I was wearing a tight tank top, a black short and that stupid sandals walking on the street with my gym bag and water bottle.

I need to refresh myself

I quickly rushed back to my car, threw in my gym bag, and went home. Silly me!

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Legolas said...

Can you work out at home? But really, you need to go out with some friends and not stay at home always.