Friday, January 04, 2008

The Best Gay Bloggers for 2007

Definitely never consider myself to be the best blogger ever. Considering the fact that I always running out of idea to post another new entry everyday, I am just too far from being the best blogger. I am not as creative as some other better bloggers out there seriously. Well, somehow someone still like to pay a visit at my blog and I always welcome them with open arms. Of course, some like my blog, some aren't impressed.

Anyway, certainly Erik from likes my blog and included me in his special project of "The Best Gay Bloggers for 2007". I am thankful.

Certainly, I think this is fun. I got to choose the best post of the year and share it with readers from the whole wide world. Well, that's why we write post everyday, right? To share our thoughts.


savante said...

Congrats! Now that should put a smile on your face :)

Jason said...

Wah, congrats! :)