Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Shut Up

Sometime I just don't understand this people.

As if I care...

It was lunchtime and all of us rushed out of the office as if we've not been eating for ages. But I was really starving as I didn't take my breakfast today. Why not? Simply because I over-slept. Thanks for the long holiday which makes me sleep late and wake up late. I need a few days to get me right back on track.

Anyway, back to the lunchtime. So we were all walking on our way to the destination when I over-heard my colleagues' conversation who were walking behind me.

Colleague A : Look at Ryan. He's been dressing up lately.
Colleague B : Really?
Colleague A : Come on! Look at his hair-style. A little different than usual.
Colleague B : Oh! (Then loudly) Does he really need to dress up?! He's gonna go for his concert meh?!

What now?! You have problem with how I look, Mister?!

I pretended I didn't hear them. But that stupid colleague A then shouted at me and told me what Colleague B has just said. Well, instead of glaring at them with my evil eyes and bombing them with "SHUT YOUR BIG MOUTH UP!", I jokingly said unless my current outlook scare people off, I think I am gonna keep it as I think I am comfortable with how I look like now.

Deep in my heart, I am fucking pissed off!

I mean, what's wrong with dressing up? What's wrong with trying to look good and look better? I have to admit, in my office, most of my colleagues DO NOT care about their outlook. Well, not that they dress badly. But they just don't dress up like I do. They would just wear collared t-shirt and a pair of jeans. Occasionally, they would wear long-sleeve shirt and pant ONLY when the boss informed them in advance that they need to attend a meeting the next day. As for me, I wear long-sleeve shirt and long dark pant everyday except Friday (when I allow myself to be more casual). Which I think that makes me the odd one.

But then again, come on, if you don't want to dress up and wanna be casual, I don't give a fucking damn. Nice or not, I won't critic nor comment. But splashing a whole pail of cold water at me just because I dress up does not make any sense to me. Worse still, it makes me feel like dressing up is wrong and weird. Fuck that! I don't remember I commented anyone in the office dress badly but I do give compliment to those that I think they dress nicely, well-groomed and looking good. And I think dressing up nicely is a manner. It's also a way for us to show respect to our customer or whoever we meet.

That's the way I like it...

And that ignorant colleague of mine trying to bring me down by questioning why the need to dress up? Only if he was my junior, I would have lectured him the whole afternoon until the end of the working day and made him attend a grooming lesson/class! Although he's well-known to be the most good-looking man in our office, I am not impressed. Simply because I am a 'potato-queen'. Guess I am lucky in that sense.


Sam said...

You know, I wear ties in the office all day and no one in my office wears ties. :P

Fable Frog said...

you are beautiful~ no matter what they say~~~ like man, who give a shit what they say~ they are just simply jealous!!

abnitude said...

it sounds like your coworkers are snide and cruel. in my experience, they were trying to get under your skin and make you mad. they are probably jealous of how you dress, otherwise they would not say a thing about it. the next time you hear any comments, ignore them, it will get them madder or maybe they will concern themselves about more important issues then someones clothes.

Queer Ranter said...

I sense envy from them. They don't have exquisite taste in clothes as you. :)

Jason said...

Huh... do they came from another side of the universe? Just ignore those ignorant homo sapiens.

You are what you are. No one can humiliate you without your consent.

William said...

But ironing such a chore!