Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I Ain't Tame

As usual, I was rushing to wash my face, brush my teeth and groom myself up before I head to work. When I was about to gel my hair, I suddenly realized that my hair-gel has gone. My heart was shouting, "Gosh, not at this time!" Trying to think hard if I have misplaced it somewhere else, but I was quite certain that the hair-gel has not been moved nor taken away to anywhere else by me. Running out of time, I quickly used my sister's hair-gel instead and got myself out of home to the office.

Where the hell has it been?

On the way to my office, I keep thinking where have I placed my gel. Then I suspect it must be taken by my brother who went to genting highland with his friends who have been staying a night before at our home. I am quite pissed off because usually my brother would've told me if he used my thing. But this time he told me nothing and take my thing away. I am so gonna lecture him when he got back home tonight.

So, just now when I got finally home, I confronted him about my hair-gel. I told him it is very rude of him to take my thing away without getting my consent and very irresponsible too for not informing me. Luckily I found some gel to gel-up my hair. Otherwise, I surely would have a BAD-HAIR-DAY! To my surprise, he told me that he was not the one who taken my gel, but it was his friend who took my gel away. And he thought the hair-gel is belong to his friend. So he said nothing to his friend.

I was shocked! And fucking pissed-off!

Who the hell are those people?! Now I am getting more furious! My brother taking away my thing is still considered small matter, as we were close. So I won't be that angry if he just take away my thing like that. Now his friends took away my gel, without my knowledge, without my consent, and never fucking inform me nor my brother?! That's too much! And they have fucking CROSSED THE LINE! What are they thinking?! Am I THAT "friendly"? Gosh, I wonder what did they learn about manner in school?!

How dare you cross the line?!

I started to suspect now am I being too good to people? I think I appear to be too kind and too good. And yes, I have bad bad bad experiences in life about people taking advantages of me or take me for granted. Shit! I hate it. And deep in my heart, I must admit I fucking curse them so cruelly that I don't remember who I was at that moment of time. It's like I have been taken over by the evil-spirit. A witch that cast spells and curse people to hell.

Try to piss me off, I would give you a fake smile. Don't worry I won't stab you from behind but don't expect me to be kind nor simply give in and forgive. For I am not a Saint. I have a sinful soul and don't make me lose control over the evil side of me. Lucky them, I still have myself under control and didn't yell nor shout at them just now. But I surely would warn my brother about his friends. Next time, I won't be that kind!

I'm not that kind!

Please, treat others like how you want to be treated!


Jason said...

Wow, cool down.
Your brother's friend sure rude for simply took other people's belongings.

Bo said...

For all you know, it might be simply a honest mistake on the friend's part. Have you ever thought of that? Dude, it's just hair gel. Afterall you did resourcefully save yourself from bad hair day.

Take a chill pill.