Sunday, January 20, 2008

I'm Just Jealous

T'was Friday and I thought I should pamper myself a little after working so 'hard' for the weekdays (yeah right, I can always find reasons to pamper myself!). So I ajak a few colleagues to watch movie at The Pavilion. Initially, I decided to watch the 'Gabriel', later on we thought 'Cloverfield' might be interesting. But after watching the trailer, we thought we might get head-ache after the movie. So we finally decided to watch 'Mad Money'.

I sure know how to pamper myself!

Oh, I am so not gonna talk about the movie. If you wanna know something about it, the movie is not impressing but entertaining. If you like chic-flick, then you'll like it. Anyway, that's not the point. The point is I saw this guy, a Caucasian (yes, call me a potato queen or whatever you like!), wearing white with pink stripe long sleeve shirt, and normal dark pant, looking good with his sparkling eyes, sharp-nose and well-shaved chin. Ooh, gorgeous! I saw him when we were on our way to walk into the cinema hall. He was standing beside the place where we can buy food and drink (what do you call that again?!) waiting for someone. An eye-candy for me, obviously! But I have to pass, as we were quite late for the show.

Hot hunk spotted!

So I got into the hall, wondering if that guy will be watching the same movie. When The movie start, I almost forgot everything about him. Not until when the movie ended, everyone was standing up and leaving. So I stood up, turned around, and saw that same familiar guy who was still sitting right behind me. And he was with another lady who (to me) does not look like a fair lady. She looks more like a maid (and I stress, "looks like"!). OK OK, now I already feel bad and guilty for saying that! But don't get me wrong! I am not saying that the lady is ugly or worthless! Everyone's beautiful in his/her own way. But that charming guy (who almost look like a star celebrity to me) I adore, with that normal, plain, not so outstanding lady?! I just don't see how they could get together.

I mean, I won't have anything to say if he was with a gorgeous beautiful fair lady. Obviously, with the look he has, thousands of ladies (or gentlemen) would be dying to be with him. But this lady?! And that make me ponder. Maybe this (maid look-a-like) lady has something special. Great personality? Inner beauty? That captured this prince charming's heart. No offence! Maybe I watched too much drama series or movies which they most of the time (if not always) put gorgeous hunk and beautiful lady as a couple. And I have not watch Ugly Betty yet. So still not got used to the fact that prince charming will fall head over heel for a normal, not-so-pretty lady. Yes, who knows ugly duckling one day would become an elegant swan? And even snow white (who was a servant/maid at home) find his white-horse prince at the end.

I am your prince charming, sweetheart!

And about that lady with that gorgeous man I saw, who am I to judge? Maybe I am just jealous! I think I am. Gosh, I'm a bitch! *Slap myself three times* Now, I am not so handsome nor good-looking myself. So when will I get to meet my prince charming?! Hmm... I guess only in my dreams.


savante said...

Quite normal actually. The white boys like a certain exotic dark-eyed beauty look that we asians don't generally go for.

Jason said...

Don't be jealous lah. It's the lady's luck anyway.

Crazy Sam said...

I would have also felt the same way. I and Phoebe always wonder why do good looking guys keep on ending up with not-so-beautiful gals and gorgeous gals choosing average bozos.
Okay I'm just being shallow. =p