Monday, January 07, 2008


I am putting myself in a very dangerous situation. Yes, very dangerous that I could've ended my life if I were to allow myself to step any further. OK, I am exaggerating. Not that serious actually. But I am risking my job. Why? Procrastination!


I think the next time when I go for a job interview and were asked what's my strength and weakness, my answer would be :

"My strength is procrastinating and my weakness is my strength!"

How about that? Certainly being kicked out of the interview room without any further questions despite my gorgeous outlook (after few hours of grooming, almost done a plastic surgery if necessary) and fantastic resume. But come to think of it seriously, I am quite impressed how good I am in procrastinating!

I can blame the fact that it's the end of the year and it has been quite a lot of holidays lately that keep me "no mood" to work. I swear most if not all of my colleague were lazing off in the office as well, pretending to be busy, but I KNOW, I FUCKING KNOW (did I stress that enough?!), that they are NOT as busy as they seem because most of them were so busy typing in the small colourful messenger chatting box. How I know? Simply because I am chatting with them.

Knowing the fact that we might be caught red-handed chatting in the office (which used to be prohibited and the company never announce that it is allowed now), yet we still wanna take the risk and chatting our way from morning till lunch.... and then lunch till the end of the working day. I guess we all like adventures. Some risks, and those excitement of getting away from punishment... oh we are so well-trained to break the rules!

I need no rules!

The funny thing is we never really chat about something serious or exchanging jokes, or gossip. Normally we would just say how boring we are, how sleepy we are and counting down the hours until the end of the working day. Boring I know! I guess programmers are like that! So you see, obviously we have some other things to do beside chatting. Of course, for me, I listen to music! Thank goodness the company allow us to listen to music. Some company forbid their staff to listen to music. I have no idea why! Anyway, I can enjoy the music for hours without feeling bored. Now I realize I have a few gigs of mp3s in my company pc. That can keep me busy for the whole day already.

At the end, works are not being done, and they pile up day by day. Until the deadline is near, you will find me burying my head into the computer (ok, I am exaggerating again!) and work my ass off to finish all the works I have been neglecting. Last minutes job. Yes, I think I am good at it as well. Reminds me of university life where we always do last minute work to finish of our assignment, last minute revision before heading to the exam hall... all last minutes. Guess I am well trained to do last minute thing.

Anyone can give us a ride to wherever you're heading to?!

However, to kids out there, never do things at the last minute, you will never know what you might got yourself into. Having said that, I guess I should start taking my 'working mood' back as soon as possible before I lose my job and wandering in the street begging for money. Or perhaps you'll see me standing by the road hitch-hiking... the Malaysian Gigolo, anyone?


Sam said...

You can service me if you want to be a gigolo so much. :D

Jason said...

I'm sure there's many ppl would be interested in you :P

absoluterik said...

HI man

If you are preparing a blog roll I will be honoured to exchnage elinks with you