Thursday, January 10, 2008

John Barrowman

Not only am I being amazed by his gorgeous and hunky outlook, I am also being blown away by his beautiful voice that can simple take my breath away. That's not all. Not only he can sing, he can also act. Being the leading man in the British series - Torchwood, he basically is a multi-talent person that really inspire me a lot. Really, he is an inspiration for me now.

Openly gay and proud, he showed me that eventually one's sexual orientation doesn't really matter at the end. Just make sure you live your life fully and make yourself a better person each day. And the way he perform in every show I managed see (at youtube), he was enjoying and give the best of him to the audience.

I also got the chance to see the interview of him by Charlotte Church, gosh, I am so fall for with him. His great personality, the sense of humour, that gorgeous smile and cheering laughters, he seriously is the ideal husband or boyfriend I am looking for. Too bad he already happily living with his long-lasting partner, Scott Gill. Lucky him!

Anyway, I feel really great that there's someone like him in the world. He has make the world such a wonderful place. Oh goodness, his sweet sweet voice! I can listen over and over again without feeling bored. Watch the following clips. Love'em so much!

John Barrowman - Sound of Musicals - I Am What I am

I have been listening to this song repeatedly. In the office, at home, whenever I am free. I will log on to youtube and play this clip enjoying him singing and performing. I feel that I am lifted every time I listen to him singing this song. He has such powerful and convincing voice that touch my heart. Yes, I am touched by his voice. Maybe because this song is really meaningful and it's easy for me to relate my life to the song. That's why every time I listen, I feel like singing out loud together with him:"Hey World! I Am... What... I Am......!"

John Barrowman - Sound of Musicals - Maria

I feel nervous for him the first time I watch this clips. It's such a difficult song to perform. Yet he did fantastically well and right at the end... that soft voice really like the ringing bell that just take my breath away. He deserve a standing ovation from me for this amazing performance!

You're great, John Barrowman! And like what he always like to say :"You're HOT HOT HOT!"

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savante said...

no argument there! And extremely funny guy as well!