Monday, January 28, 2008

Bullets From The Mouth

It's all started with just a small mis-understanding. And then things got worse. No one is giving in, and in no time both of them were quarreling in the office. Ooh, screaming and yelling. I can't believe this whole drama was really happening in real life, in my own office.

No more drama!

I am not sure if I am weird or what, but I sure like to watch people arguing. Cat fights is even better. Imagine two women quarreling. Gosh, I am always amazed by how fast they could speak as if shooting bullets after bullets out of their mouth aiming to kill their opponents. I guess most probably they never really think properly. They just said what they want to say to make them feel better.

Feeling better?!

But I love to watch Nora and Kitty in "Brothers and Sisters" arguing over something. They could talk so fast that I sometime (alright all the time) don't really understand what they're trying to defend about. Or maybe Karen and Rosario in "Will and Grace" yelling at each other at the same time which I doubt if they could really listen to each other. I always wonder why after that they always ended up hugging each other. Guess quarreling does make them feels better?!

Bring it on!

But I don't like to quarrel nor yell. I always turned around and left. Just leave me alone in peace. To me, quarreling can be so destructive that something we said can't be taken back. So I better keep my mouth shut and find some way to release my anger. Like singing out loud. So gay, I know!

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William said...

Hell hath no fury like TWO women scorned.

You should have recorded it and you-tubed it.