Monday, January 21, 2008

Matt Long

I am trying not to start my post with 'I', yet I guess I just did it. Never mind!

Anyway, let me introduce to you my new crush - Matt Long.

Matt Long

Sweet and adorable, isn't he?! I just watched this movie "Sydney White" and gosh, the first minute he appeared on the screen, I told myself :"This is gonna be a great and fun movie!". And yes, it is! Not only because Amanda Bynes is doing great as the leading actress, it is also because I got to see this yummy Matt Long half naked!! Oh did I not faint?! Look at the following:

Anyone can lend me a toothpaste?

Oh yes I know! He's not all very hunky and muscular or whatever, but I would melt in his arms or on his chest. Don't mind being hug by him without the towel and the err... boxer?l! Fine. I shall leave my fantasy with me. Anyway, he's cute!

One of the reason I love watching chic-flick is because of these young fresh men I gotta look at. They're so yummy! I still remember movies like "10 things I hate about you", "Cinderella", "She's the man", "Coyote Ugly", "Center Stage", "Just My Luck" and other wonderful chic-flicks. Oh, I think I can watch them over and over again. Just because of those cute guys! Gosh, where the hell did they find those fresh men?! And this movie "Sydney White", has just quenched my thirst of watching new and fabulous chic-flick.

Typical chic-flick movie with cat-fights, yummy-licious fresh men, and happy ending. Oh that's the kind of movie I like.

And that's not all. Look at the following part of the movie how Tyler (Matt Long) asked Sydney (Amanda Bynes) out for a date.

Aww... so sweet, right?! How I wish my prince chamring would do that to me. Guess I will be singing "Only in my dreams..." again.


Crazy Sam said...

Yeah I remember the time I was bitten by his charm when I saw him in Ghost Rider. He is definitely my boyfriend type! hehe..
I will make sure to watch Sydney White when I get the chance. Also I just luurve Amanda Bynes.

Anonymous said...

ya matt long sure is a hottie! i really wished that i was sydney in the movie sydney white. that is such a good movie and matt long and amanda bynes look really good togther! they should make a sydney white 2!!