Monday, January 14, 2008

Blessed with Male Images

I've been collecting male images. You are so blind if you visited my blog frequently yet don't know this fact. Some enjoy the beauty of those males images, some other just too afraid to even type the URL above fearing that anyone might have passed by from behind and caught them surfing gay porn sites or something like that.

Anyway, I have to admit I first collected male images since I was introduced to the internet. Various kind of male photos nude or non-nude, porn or non-porn. I just download them and save it into a folder. Within a few months, that folder was full of un-organized messy male images. At first I kind of enjoy watching the images pressing next button using the window image viewer. But when the photos are getting more, it's just too tiring to view them. And it takes longer time to even open that over-sized folder.

Thanks to the advancement of technologies. Now not only we have bigger space and faster processors, we also have better quality photos for our collection. So now, having tonnes of blogs posting high-quality photos, I could spend hours and hours surfing on the internet enjoying and downloading those images. And now I am being very choosy! Images which are too small or too low-quality won't be downloaded. The bigger the better! Now size does matter to me, in this case! So I can have better view! Duh?!

Not sure for how long I will keep downloading and collecting. I feel that one day I will delete them all and poof they all gone. Come on, there are too many nice photos to be downloaded. How can I possibly download them all? Yet, I am still surfing and downloading. Stuffing my limited disk-space with big-size image files. Not even bother to organize them or sort them accordingly.

I guess I am just greedy! It's like eating a lot of ice-cream even though you know it will make you fat! Oh, I forgot, I can hardly get fat. I know, I am so blessed!


Queer Ranter said...

My precious...

Hhehehe. I like my men moving so no still pictures for me. :P

Crazy Sam said...

You do have good taste in men.

Jason said...

I prefer topless ones :)