Monday, September 24, 2007

Back to gym

After missing in action for the last whole week, today I head to gym again after working hours. Luckily I only miss one week, otherwise I would find myself a stranger in a new club.

Yeah, last week was too busy preparing for the company dinner. Everyday late night preparing this and that really stressed me up and I was just too tired to hit the gym again. Too tired even to go there and have a sauna or steam. And thanks to my busy and hectic work life, I lost 1 kg! Shit, I intend to gain more weights and now I lost 1 kg! Hate it! That's why I hit gym again today NO MATTER WHAT!

I'm going to gym. Wanna join me?

So after 6pm, I grabbed my gym bag and hit the gym. Surprisingly I found some of my colleagues were there to go for the try-out session. Yeah a whole bunch of them actually which I found out later. But I only saw a few of them. These youngsters (some of them older than me actually) are so eager to try things out for free. I still remember one of them approached me before asking me about how it's like to be in California Fitness. Is there any free session etc? Of course there is. But I told them before they could try out, they will need to listen to the persuasive lectures from the marketing or sales person trying to ask you to join the membership. Freaked out when heard that, they finally decided to come in a group. Great!

One of them (a guy) come by and told me that he saw a lot of gay people there in California Fitness. Pretending to be naive and don't-know-anything, I told him I never saw or know if there's any. And that having gay around in the fitness is ok for me. Duh! Nowadays still got straight people afraid of gay man. As if he will turn to be gay being around with gay men. I told him not to worry and gay people won't eat him up. And he is still reluctant. I just smiled and told him that it's up to him whether he wanna join or not. None of my business after all. If only he's cute or hunky, I would persuade him to join me go gym. :p

Ooh, Doc Jack! Would you mind be my personal trainer?

Anyway, back in the gym was good for me today. Managed to 'purify' my eyes watching hunky stud walking around in the club. Absolutely healthier than staring at the computer screen. Definitely a good way for me to release my stresses and tensions after a tiring working day. Saw a few strangers and some familiar faces. Regardless, I just enjoy whatever I could enjoy. Hahaha... visually of course. And it feels great to be able to pump my muscles again and feeling them get bigger! And I mean feeling them get bigger. Not sure if they really got bigger. Urgh! I wanna bulk up!

Nobody's gonna stop me!


Gauzzel said...

damn it, i need to get a gym too!
its so hard to train in cold weather!

coolgardy said...

Welcum back to the club...its nice to see a familiar face..err in ur case, a familiar voice lending to this blog! :)

Queer Ranter said...

Funny how straight people worry more about gay people than things that actually needs them to worry about.

Jason said...

Ask him to train at home lah.

William said...

I want to bulk up too! I think I'll start by taking some baking soda...

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

dropped by from savante =) nice site you got here =)