Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Love and Other Disasters

So I managed to download the movie and watched it! Yes, I just did!

I got out of the office early today so that I could get home earlier and have time to watch this movie. I downloaded this movie few days back when I read the review that Matthew Rhys is one of the main actor. I so love this actor. He's not that hunky type of person. But they way he speaks and those reaction he gave are so cute and unique. Love him since I got to know him through the drama series "Brothers & Sisters".

Talking about "Brothers & Sisters", the season two is coming up around the end of this month September. Can't hardly wait to finally see him acting again.

Anyway, back to the movie, it's another love story about this girl who has this best gay friend (reminds me of "My Best Friend Wedding") and both of them wanting to find the true love. And along the way, they just got some "disasters" happening here and there. Quite funny! I love it.

Here's some photos captured for your preview or what-so-ever...

Oh, right at the end of the movie I got to see Orlando Bloom. How sweet!