Monday, September 03, 2007

My Prince William

So sorry for not updating my blog. I was busy dating someone. Yes, I have found the one. And I find myself singing :

"Finally found somebody that could be the one, but I promised myself that I wouldn't give in to love, And I'm scared, and I'm nervous, Don't wanna be hurt anymore... This is bad, 'cause I know that you're the one..."

For those sincere visitors of my blog, you have the privilege to see who I was (and still am) dating:




So what do you guys think?! Yes, this is it! That's my type!

Alright, don't get me wrong! I am not dating him as in going out with him or what. He's a star OK! What I meant dating is that I am watching a drama series which he is the main actor! And I am watching an episode every night before I sleep. So basically I am 'dating' him every night enjoying watching his angelic face...

That's the drama series. Nah, ain't gonna describe what's the drama all about. Go find out yourself here. :p But he's a fashion designer in the drama. And I love whatever he wore in the drama (even though I'd prefer he wore nothing!). Lovely lovely lovely!

He's a mixed. Nick named Leon Jay Williams. A model turned to be an actor recently. And he is a hunk! So that's all I need to know. Perhaps I should look for a boyfriend who is a mixed of Asian and Caucasian like William.

Arrgghhh.... not gonna write anymore. Words can't describe how lovely he is, photos will do better...

And I save the best for the last:

Shit! Did I just wet my pant?!

Good things are meant to be shared. You may visit his blog here. See, I am so generous! So, what should you do to return the favour? Comment la! Come on, show me some love!

Now, please excuse me. I have a date to attend! Episode 02? or Episode 03? Gosh I forgot... Never mind, I don't mind watching it all over again. :p

Hey hey hey!!! And that's not all! I found the following video and it just turn me so on! Another Michael Buble singing that song for me! Gosh, he's so perfect now!

I am so melting away...


Jason said...

*drool* Another Daniel Henney wannabe??? Haha, you 'stole' his pics! For a moment, I thought you're really dating him. Not bad, can talk to him via his blog.

coolgardy said...

OMG, I really thought u were dating that guy...LOL, anyway, yes he is a HOTTIE...a diamond that has been POLISHED!

Sam said...

CEHHHHHH. I really thought you were dating!

Calvin said...

Oh my God!!! You really had everyone thinking what a luck this Ryan got for having such a cute adorable hottie hunk as a boyfriend for a moment there. Shit! Kena tipu once again! You're really good at it don't you? For tipu-ing your readers...hehehe...

Next time you got real bf also no one will believe you. Remember the story when we used to know as a kid? The boy who shouted "lang lai le...(the wolf is here)" and at the end, no one believed him. Hahaha!!!

Anyway, thanks for introducing and sharing with us that piece of meat. Hehehe...I will be searching for that drama box set now!