Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I have my lunch at The Weld shopping mall this afternoon. I have no idea why my colleague choose there. Anyway, I just avoid to be the one who decide where to eat. So I kept quiet and follow the majority. Even though half way someone turn around and asked again where should we go for lunch, I just hid myself in a bunch of quiet people and pretending to look around waiting for an answer. And no, I ain't gonna be the one who decide anymore. So they went to The Weld. I have no objection.

Still want me to decide? No way!!

I usually don't really like to go there actually because the food there is more expensive than others. However, I received an email few days back that there is this PAY LESS BOOK fair going in The Weld. So I happily follow the crowd to see if it is really true. When I reached there, yes, I saw the book fair at the 1st floor. Yippie!!!

So we went straight up to the top floor and have our lunch in the food court. Without much hesitation, I simply ordered a pari ikan with rice and ate it. OK, I have to complain that the food is so little. It hardly filled up my stomach. Even though I am skinny, I ate a lot! Thanks to my high-metabolism. Anyway, after everyone finished their dishes, I quickly stood up and said that I want to go to thew book fair. Everyone followed. Expected! :p

Well, not a very big book fair I would say. But still I managed to see some interesting books. And they are SOOOOOOOO CHEAP!!! The books were just divided into categories like fiction and non-fiction. Then they're not sorted in alphabetical order. So I need to randomly pick some books that caught my eyes. Well, I have no choice but to judge the book by its cover.

I went to a section where 5 books were sold for only RM 20!!! 5 books! Wahahahaha... So I just simply choose some nice books. They are

1) Mason and Dixon
2) The Soloist
3) The Hours
4) Love you to death
5) ...

I forgot the name of the fifth book. I left it in my office. And guess what, the author of The Hours is Michael Cunningham. Yeap, the same author who wrote "A Home At The End of The World".

And look at the cover of "Love You to Death"!!

Now you know how I judge the book by its cover. Obviously an old book, but I still bought it anyway. After all, 5 books for RM 20!! It's like nothing! :p Come on, I bought "Born on a Blue Day" for RM 35.50!!! And only one book!

I was thinking if I should returned to the book fair tomorrow and hunt for another 5 gay-themed books. Wahahaha... I am so into reading nowadays. Especially gay-themed novel. Any recommended title? But I seriously need to save my money. Been over-spending on unnecessary stuff like books, magazine and good food. Wallet is now thick with receipts instead of cash notes. That's so not good! But then again, 5 books for RM 20?!?!?! SO cheap!!!!

More books? Or should I just save my money?!

Anyway, I am almost done with Born on a Blue Day. Hmm... what should I read next? Wow... I've got lotsa books here in my bedroom. I can consider open a small library at home. Too bad I am the only person who read novel. Especially English novel. My mom does read Chinese books at times. The other family members just don't read. Don't know why?! They'd rather watch movie. Well, as if I care! :p


Janvier said...

Yeah, books are delicious. Amcorp Mall in PJ has 3 cheap book stores: Pay Less, XCess and one more we have no idea of the name, it's next to Kenny Rogers.

We get some of our books from there! :D

We heart Pay Less!

ruff nurse-du-jour said...

Dropped by again =) I was instantly aroused, er, drawn I mean by your image profile. It's Reichen right? He's one of my personal icon. =)

~About your question: (if I'm a writer for a magazine). Hmmm, not really. I used to do freelance magazine work but I *really work in a hospital. Thank you for the nicest compliments ryan. I really appreciate it.
Read on RYAN. =)

Chester said...

where is The Weld

William said...

I kinda like the Jap restaurant on the top floor-- Kamimura. But they aren't very murah la.

savante said...

Quite a lot of gay themed novels. For new ones you could try Michael THomas Ford. Have a few you could borrow.