Friday, September 28, 2007

Get the Party started

It has been years since I last thrown a party. And suddenly I am all in the mood to throw a party. Perhaps because of me realizing how boring and dull my current life has turned into. So maybe I need a party to spice up my life a bit.

I'm coming up, so you better get that party started!

So mooncake festival had just gone by. Some of my friends requested to have a celebration for the festival. Normally my friends would have a bbq party or pot-luck at home and we all would go there and have fun together. But this year, it seems that everyone was busy. So nobody volunteer to have a party. Well, being as unpredictable as I used to be, I volunteered to hold a party at my home. Gathering all my friends at my home sounds interesting to me.

We all know that having a party is very troublesome. The invitation, the arrangement and preparation from food, drinks to tables and chairs. Headache!! Till now I am still figuring whether the food is enough or not. Worse still, my friends insisted to have bbq. They claimed that party without bbq is no fun! Is that true? Duh! I'd prefer not. BBQ is very noisy and after that, the whole place will be a mess! Perhaps I'm different. Anyway, since they promised to prepare all the bbq equipment and food, I don't mind. I'll just need to make sure my home is cleaned up before the leave!

One thing I learned from organizing such event is that I really can see one's personality and character. Some of them are being very helpful. They help to prepare food and don't mind spending money and time to make it a successful event. Such person is rare! Very rare, indeed! Others, very stingy and calculative. Not only do they lazy to prepare food, they are also not very willing to spend money and buy food.

Stingy Pig : Why should I buy?! So expensive oor! You asked other to buy la!
Me : Other already brought other food and drinks
Stingy Pig : Like that meh? I buy the sauce only can aar?!
Me : Alright then...
Me (thinking) : Then you should only eat the sauce that night!

And they just want to be there and enjoy the food. Gosh, such people really exist! Aren't they feel ashamed?! I am kinda regretted having invited such people to my party. They don't deserve to enjoy the food! :p Sadly, I noticed that a lot of people are like that!

Damned, shouldn't have invited them!

Guess this reality or harsh world had really shaped them into this kind of person. Always make sure that we got the most profit with the least modal. Like do multi-tasking (use little time to do many things) and price negotiating (make sure we pay less to get more). Even when we're driving, we would try not to let any car overtake us from the side lane especially during traffic congestion.

Anyway, I am still looking forward to the party tomorrow. Many friends will be here in my house. Long time never have such gathering. I wonder what it will be like. Hopefully everyone will be happy and enjoy the night.


Janvier said...

Good luck on your party, Ryan. Organizing may be a bit harrassing at times but in retrospect things always turn out for the best.

Have fun!

William said...

Come with 2 sikat bananas. Makan2. Make a mess. Cabut. That's the worst.

Jason said...

Sounds fun, been aeons since had any BBQ party.

Our almighty Janvier always having headache planning for outings, maybe you can ask him for suggestions :P *hugs Jan*

We shall drag you along for outing next time. Spice up your life!