Wednesday, September 19, 2007

My Indian Prince

I paid a visit to my customer site last few days. I reached a tall building and got into the lift to bing me up to level 6. Before I could enter the office to look for the customer, I need to register myself at the counter right beside the door. The guard with the big belly was there bringing out the notebook and pen for me to write down my particular. After that I need to give him either a license or identity card as a deposit to exchange with the entrance tag. I gave him my license and got the tag and access to find the customer right away.

After settling things with my customer, I got to get back my license and return the tag. Out of the sudden, the guard show me a driving license of an Indian lady.

Big Belly Guard : Eh! Ah Moi ini cantik aar?
Me (smile) : OK la.
Big Belly Guard : Ok saje ke? I ingat u orang cina pun suka ah moi india?
Me : Tak semua la! Bukan I punya type.
Big Belly Guard : Oh, you tak suka ni aar.

Little did he know that when talk about Indian, I would prefer the following person :

Yeah, Hrithik Roshan! Been crazy about him since the first time I saw him in a movie titled "Yaadein"! He's such a hunk! Can't get enough of him!


coolgardy said...

So u r a Hindi movie fan eh? Hmm...picture this, Ryan running around the coconut trees and bushes...catching his Yadeen.. LOL

Jason said...

I can imagine Ryan and Roshan flirting and dance around the bushes and coconut trees... (together with music, change of costumes and rain!)

savante said...

I loved him in KKKG as the younger brother :)