Sunday, September 09, 2007

High School Musical 2 Premier

Yes, I have just watched the High School Musical 2 Premier on Astro Disney Channel! I missed the first movie, but I did listen to the original sound track of the first movie. It was nice when I first listened to the album, but I soon got bored of those youngster's voice wanna-bes.

Anyway, loving music and love making fun with music, I thought I should give the second movie a shot. Well, maybe cherish those high school memories of mine (which was awful actually!). So, at 7:30pm, I switched on the TV, have myself something to eat and drink, and I watch the show.

Well the movie started well, some cute boys and girls. Nice background. I suddenly felt the child in me was all smiling and giggling! Giggling?! Whatever! :p As I got to preview some scenes before through the MTVs they put up to promote the movie( the MTV was actually some scenes from the movie), so some part of the movie I already watched. Kinda boring actually! :p

Anyway, love some songs in the movie. Not all I would say. And those songs they sang won't last long :P I mean I won't be listening to those songs over and over again like I listen to Michael Buble, Mariah Carey, Whitney houston... Those youngster voice is just too kid-dy to be listened to. Alright, fine I am being cruel! They're kids anyway!

Somehow, I enjoyed watching the show though. You know, bring back memories when I was young. High school? Hmm... should be our secondary school time, right?! What was I doing back then? So free!!!

Awww... I missed secondary school... I was so young and free... hmmm...


coolgardy said...

You have a nostalgic feeling for school days...thats healthy!

Jason said...

You know, our local schools are going to have a inter-school musical competition. Interested to go and watch?

Chester said...

When is the competition>?