Sunday, September 09, 2007

My Movies Weekend

Not that I watched movies whole day long, but I managed to watch two movies during the weekend.

OK, I am no good in writing review for movies. but let's just see what I thought about this movie I watched on Saturday - RISE : BLOOD HUNTER.

OK, I like vampire movies. Thanks to the movie "Interview with the Vampires" starring Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt. Watching delicious hunks sucking on one's neck (and breast if I remember correctly!) was such a turn on! Then I also watched another movie about vampires as well, starring Casper Van Dien. Again, watching his bare butt in the movie was worth it!

Anyway, back to the movie. Oh, no! Not so good. Not that there's no hunk in the movie. The guy is actually quite sexy. But come on, the time he appear on screen is just too short. Besides, the whole movie was having the dark setting, I can hardly see his face. Can't blame though, as he's not the main actor. It was Lucy Liu, the main actresses.

Don't really like the movie! :p

Then today, I finished downloaded the DVD ripped version of Premonition. Yes, the movie hasn't even really in cinema in Malaysia, has it? Anyway, I managed to watch the high quality movie (with english subtitle somemore).

The reason I want to watch this movie is all because of Sandra Bullock! Yes, she's another gorgeous woman! And I love all her movies. From Speed, to Miss Congeniality 1& 2, then come the Lake House... and now Premonition.

And no, she didn't let me down in this movie Premonition. Good acting! But I have to warn though, the whole movie can be quite boring to those who are into action stunt sort of thing. Besides, there's something that the movie never really explain well. So I have to minus a few marks there.

Anyway, even though I don't really like the ending, but the message of love, hope and faith is good enough. Oh and her husband (Julian McMahon) in the movie is delicious. Another hunky stud! OK, I captured some photos from the movie on him. Here you goes...

And look what I have found from my image folder!

Any plan tonight, sweetie?! Wanna hang out with me?!

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coolgardy said...

Rise - quite boring.

Permonition - I wanna watch too!!! OMG, Sandra Bullock's my fav star too!!! :)