Tuesday, November 13, 2007

MEME : Gadget Edition

1. What's the latest gadget you bought?
Nokia handphone. The one I used to capture hunks in KL.

2. What's the first gadget you own?
Walkman. A birthday gift from my parents.

3. What's the most expensive gadget you own?
Nokia 6110 handphone.

4. What's the gadget you want to buy next?
None. 19" or bigger LCD monitor count?

5. Do you follow the updates of the latest gadgets in the market?
No. :p

6. What brand do you trust for handphone, camera, computer?
Handphone: Nokia
Camera: Canon
Computer: Don't know :p DELL?

7. Now tag 5 bloggers to do this meme.
I'll pass.

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