Saturday, November 03, 2007


I'm obsessed with this British drama series lately. Yeah it's about this bloke who can't get the girl he likes. (Imagine I type this while having all this words in British accent). To make thing even worse, the girl that he likes is with his best friend, Jason, who apparently turn out to be a bisexual who can't resist the temptation of a gay doctor, Mani. Ah great! And the drama between the Jason and Mani are very very interesting.

Jason and Mani in Episode 1

OK, don't tell me you have just wet your pant! I know how fucking hot it is at the end!

Jason and Mani in Episode 2

Gosh, the hunky doctor really... irresistible! I think I would have waited for him too. 20 minutes isn't long. I don't mind wait for another 1 hour. Gosh, I am such a slut!

I just finished watching 2 episodes while the 3rd episode is still being downloaded into my computer. However, desperate as I always am, I searched through youtube and found a little sneak preview for myself. And fuck, I shouldn't have seen it. It just make me even more desperate!

Jason and Mani in Episode 3

Damned, I started to like the doctor! He's really irresistible! Those eyes and smiles! Fuck, it makes me wanna kiss him right away! Oh, you should know I am so wanna be that Jason. Being thrown into the sofa follows by the passionate kissing... Oh, that is so my fucking FANTASY!!! And Jason has been offered a key?! The house key?!



savante said...

Ooh I so wanna watch too! Send me the download link.

Jason said...

OMG, so hawt!