Thursday, November 01, 2007

Money and I

I was very very much delighted to check my bank account today. That first digit of four figures has definitely changed from a lower value to a higher value. Yippie! Yes, I've got increment! After working my ass off for more than two years, I finally got the rewards.

I've got my increment! Now, how should I spend it?!

And I was telling everyone that I've got my motivation to work again. Come on, having a few more hundreds every month from now onward does sound motivating, isn't it?

However, (yes there's a however, 'cause life doesn't seem to be so lovely and happy all the time!) having extra money for this month doesn't seem to be so motivating anymore when I found out that I actually need to pay my credit cards' debts. Yes, I admit it! I sometime over-spent! OK fine, I always over-spend! You've got me, and I admit my sinful soul!

Fuck, I am not a shopaholic but I am not a money-saver either. I really know how to throw money away. I don't care about how expensive the food can be, I don't give a damn if the books are not cheap. I always say yes when friends or colleagues ask me to go KTV on Friday night which is the most expensive session... the list never end. Oh to make things sound even better, I am always so 'generous' to belanja my family to go have great expensive dinner.

How about we go Chilli tonight? I pay!

That's why the value in my credit card statement always increase without fail. And I started to feel the 'tension' when I see that the value in my credit card for this month is almost the same as my one month salary! Being fucked up, I almost have my credit card cut into two pieces so that I won't use it again. That shall refrain me from over-spending! Unfortunately, I didn't over-reacting until the extend that I cut the credit card into two.

Thanks to the fact that I've got my increment today. A resolution has been made. I shall pay my credit card in full this month. Next month onwards I shall refrain from using my credit card for unnecessary entertainment. No more KTV session for the coming months until I got my bonus next year. And no more expensive food! I should limit my money spending for each day. Say about RM 20 per day?

And having my increment, I have decided to do saving to buy car. Yes, I have promised myself to get a car early next year. Current target should be MyVi. Yeah, I know the car is everywhere now. But with the budget and allowance I have, MyVi is still my best choice. I like the design, not so big, not too small. Just nice.

Target car!

So, brothers, watch me out! If I ever told you that I have credit card debts that I didn't settled on time, Boo me! Don't give me face! I make a vow to myself that I will pay in full every months for my credit cards from now onwards! Also, if I still haven't got my MyVi after June 2008, Boo me again for not saving money to buy a car. Unless, of course, if there's any unforeseen circumstances that I need to give up buying my car for that emergency case.

And I should start to do financial planning! Gosh, I am so ignorant at this. Should I take a personal financial course? Damned, that will cost me another few hundreds? thousands?

Personal finance? What's that?!

Damned, money is always not enough!


Janvier said...

Money is always not enough. :D

Plus you gotta watch out yeah, when you get a bf the expenses will rise.

Jason said...

*continue from above*

So, better get the car first before you get a bf :P

And yes, refrain yourself from over spending. Say put a few digit aside as saving, then divide the balance with 30. Try to use below the amount everyday.

I sounded so... kedekut. :P

Lifebook said...

*continue from above*

Remember to put the few digit saving into a difference bank account without ATM. This will help. :)

Also, pay off the credit card ASAP as the interest rate is very high. Maybe try use credit transfer to another bank, some bank offer good rate.

Ryan said...

Janvier, that explained why I am still single! Can't afford a bf.

Jason, yes that's what I plan to do. Not really kedekut la. Discipline!

Lifebook, yea. I'll minimize the usage of credit card though.

Calvin said...

Credit card: Always pay in full because they will charge interest in your next bill until you have fully paid. So why pay instalment? If you cannot afford to pay in full every month, then you should really refrain yourself from using the card.

Use cash because you can see it real money going to other people. By using card, the transaction is invisible because you don't see yourself taking out your cash (real money paper) from your wallet.

As for books, always wait for the paperback version because it's cheaper than the big cover version. Or better still, borrow from friends who have the book you want to read.

Open another bank account and save at least 10% from your salary every month and DO NOT touch this account. Meaning, do not withdraw or use any money from this account. Save it for future or rainy days or emergency.

Then you won't need to be afraid that you don't have saving. It's good to have 2 accounts. One is for expenses like paying bills, credit card, etc. and another account is strictly for saving.

coolgardy said...

U'll ride through the worries.