Sunday, November 04, 2007

Doctor Mani - Navin Chowdhry

This is frustrating! I have been google-ing over the net to find a good picture/photos of my new found idol, or fantasy man - Navin Chowdhry. Unfortunately, there isn't any nice photos of him that I could save them for collection. Those photos are either too small or poor in quality. Damned, why isn't there anyone post and fucking share this cute hunky beautiful man?!

Never mind. Got to know more about him though. He acted in a few TV series namely Doctor Who and Teachers. I am downloading his another series - NY-LON. Yes, I am that crazy about him now. His beautiful eyes reminds me of My Indian Prince, and his short figure reminds me of the youngest among The Three Brothers. Gosh, I've just realized recently that the flirtatious young boy (the youngest of the three brothers) has even got himself a girlfriend. Gosh, he really is straight. That means I am having a really really bad gaydar.


Fuck it!

And the following is dedicated to Doc Paul, who was gaga-ing over the great drama series I've just found. I personally cropped it out and uploaded on youtube. So Paul, take it as a belated birthday gift from me for you. I think it's hot, and sweet at the end.

And just as you should know, I download it from GayTorrent. Or if you use emule, just search for sinchronicity. You should be able to download them. I've finished watching the series. Only 6 episodes. :p



Gauzzel said...

i like what i see

savante said...

Hey you can have Doctor Mani, even though he is damned cute. I'm already aggressive enough, how about a Jase for me?

Jason said...

Dr. Mani is damm aggressive... I like :P

ZG said...

First I've heard of Sinchronicity. Like what I see and synopsis sounds really interesting. Will have to check it out. Tks

savante said...

BTW go upload the series! I am barely downloading anything.

Ryan said...

Gauzzel, yeah I know!

Jason, stay away from Dr. Mani! He's mine, OK?! lol...

Zg, yes you must check it out!

Savante, yes you may have the Jase. He's a loser! LOL... Upload the series? You mean the whole series? How? upload to where?!

Anonymous said...

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