Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Eating Out

I ate a lot today. Yes, I have been wanting to gain weight since like thousand years ago. And I am still finding myself swallowing gallons of water and tonnes of food into my body, yet I am still very much my normal size. My mom always said feeding me is a waste! Every amount of food that got into my body is equal to the amount I got rid every morning in the toilet. Find, my body doesn't appreciate those nutrition.

No body fat!

But recently I have been gaining some weights. Yes, few months gain few kgs. At least I put on some weight. If I just keep eating more and REST more, then I should be able to put enough weight very soon! Yes, the key word is REST MORE! Quite impossible for a busy man like me seriously. If I am not staying in office trying to figure out how to solve my programming problem or entertaining my customers on my phone, most of the time I was off to the client site entertaining customers and cracking my head in the freezing server room to solve the problem. High-metabolism? I think I have more cardio exercise than most of other people.

The thing I hate is that if I stay in the office too much, I'll find my belly getting bigger each day. Perhaps sitting for long hours cause that problem. Thanks to my stupid office chair which hardly support our back. So I ended hunchback and cause me to have beer-belly. On the other hand, if I go out support for too long, I'll be easily dehydrated and my face will be covered with the haze or polluted air in KL city. Of course, I used up a lot of my energies walking here and there. Burn all those fat! Good fat or bad fat, all BURNED!

More milk!

Anyway, as I mentioned, today I ate a lot. I went to Pavillion today with other colleague to celebrate two colleagues' birthday. We have our lunch at Dragon-i. I ordered a seafood fried rice, Shang Hai Siao Long Pao. Gosh, that fried rice was basically look like a mountain of rice on the plate. Well, being a heavy rice-eater, I was VERY MUCH delighted. I ate like nobody's business and wiped out my mouth in satisfaction when I was done. To make my day even brighter, one of the lady couldn't finished her fried rice, and she gave around quarter of her rice to me, which I happily finished them! Muahahaha... and then at the end, I also help to finish some left-over Secret Recipe Mango-delight cake. You have no idea how big my belly was. I was showing to one of my colleague my stomach and that I think I already am 2 or 3 months pregnant.

And our feast didn't just stop there. Since tomorrow is holiday, we all plan to go have crab dinner at Kepong. So we drove all the way from KL to Kepong. Been through all those traffic congestion and we were complaining as if it will make the traffic situation any better. But we enjoy the stupid jokes and curses we made in the car. And yes, we laughed like a whole bunch of patient just got out from mental hospital.

Crab? How about beef cake?

Anyway, we managed to reach the restaurant about 9pm. And we didn't have to wait long to have all our food served on the table. And imagine all those starving men and ladies grabbing those crabs and hit it with some tools to crack it open and enjoy the fresh crab meat. It's funny to see those ladies hitting the crab. I hate to eat crabs really. So troublesome! I tried to force myself to eat as much as I can anyway as they ordered three big plates of crab in different flavour. So used my bare hands and just crack it open to suck out their meat. You have no idea how embarassing when we make that sucking noise to suck out the desired fresh meat, followed by the 'sticking out the tongue', licking our lips to wipe off the dirt?!

Delicious! I finished all the food! Now you can imagine how big my belly would be. I let your imagination play its trick to your mind. Thank goodness I went out support in the afternoon. Should've cleared up quite some amount of food from my stomach.Wahahaha...

Oops, where's my sick pack?

Anyway, I'm full! And I was thinking, will I gain another 2 kgs just in one day?! Maybe I should refrain myself from going to the toilet tomorrow morning. Hahaha... crazy me!


savante said...

Wooh, is the new chinese restaurant upstairs in Pavilion open yet? ... it's some kinda Shanghainese shop but it's not Dragon I.

Jason said...

They say the "food court" at lower ground is open.