Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Night with Flute & Piano

In conjuction with the celebration of National Independence Day of Poland, the Embassy of the Republic of Poland organized a Flute and Piano Concert in Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. I was very lucky to be offered and invited to join the wonderful event.

So right after my working hour, I quickly rushed to KL Convention Centre just to find myself too early for the event. So I took my time to walk around the KLCC park and enjoyed a lot of eye-candies. Being the naughty me cum cam-whore as always, I managed to capture a few photos of those hunks wandering around in the park.

As I have to get the entrance ticket from my friend at 7:15pm, I walked myself back to the KL Convention Centre at around 7:10pm. I searched around the Planery Halls and still couldn't see any sign of my friends. So, I ended up buying myself an ice-cream at New Zealand Natural at the ground floor. Yummy-licious! I forgot what's the name of the ice-cream. I remember there was double scoop for rum-raisin and top with sweet dried raisin and half fresh strawberry. Hehe... Will I ever get fat? I doubt so!

Anyway, around 7:45pm I managed to find my friends at the third floor Planery Theatre. A lot of Caucasian there! All Poland or Polish! Gosh, I managed to indulge myself in the world of Caucasian men. And most of them were wearing suit , tie and jacket/blazer. All of them looks like those rich and wealthy dukes! Yay, I should have found my future-hubby there. Yummy! I could almost feel I was drifting away... Oh, they offered this vodka drink pretty nice. I am not really into alcoholic drinks, but I don't know why, just now I drank a glass of vodka and followed by a glass of red wine after the show. Perhaps too many Caucasian made me feel like I should get drunk and drag one of them home with me tonight! Oh did I mentioned I saw someone who look like Dr Mani?! Almost wanted to grab him to an isolated place and suck his face!

*Floated away...*

Anyway, the concert was not bad. The flutist is a woman. Yes could see her almost in her 40s. And the pianist is adorable. Not very young but he looks like those very polite and decent man. And his beard make him look like the Santa Claus! Oh reminded me of Christmas is coming soon! Oh I managed to take a photo with him after the concert. The funny thing was he kept on asking question when we took photo.

Pianist : Are you a piano player?
Me : Yes I am!
Pianist : Oh great!
Me : I enjoyed the show. It was marvelous!
Pianist : Good! Glad that you enjoyed it. Thanks for coming!
Me : Yes, please look at the camera and smile, would you?

LOL... of course I didn't say the last sentence. But he basically talking tome while taking photo. Quite weird. Anyway, he's being very nice.

The red wine is making me really sleepy now. I have had a wonderful evening.


Jason said...

Ohh... notti-nyer :P

William said...

You will not elude fat forever!

savante said...

So I guess you're looking for a Polish daddy? :P

coolgardy said...

Suck his face? Eww...u r kinky!

Ryan said...

Jason, who is not notti?

William, at least I'm not fat now. And I don't see if I am getting fat for the moment! :p

Savante, Polish daddy? Nah... I have Dr. Mani in store.

Coolgardy, and you're not?!