Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I Had A Bad Day

Sometime things just go against your will. No matter how nicely you plan your day, It just doesn't go where it supposed to be. And that's sickening! Frustrating! And it make me furious!

Never ever plan!

I woke up early trying to catch the early train so that I might be able to stumble upon someone in the commuter train. And yes I managed to be there at the station earlier. Unfortunately, when the train arrived, I was shocked to see the train was so crowded that all the people were sandwiched among themselves. One of the early scheduled train must had been canceled. Otherwise, this train wouldn't be that full.

Even when the train open its doors, I could see that those people were almost gonna burst out of the train, but a few desperate passengers managed to still squeezed inside to that already full train. And as for me, I could only standing there cursing deep inside my heart until the cow comes home. And looking at the train closed its doors and moving was disheartening. It means the chance to see him has gone. Fuck!

Never mind.

I didn't have to wait long for another train to arrive. And yes I reached my office a little bit late. Thanks to that stupid KTM commuter.

And I thought I could enjoy a little peaceful morning in the office settling some of my things before I face the challenging day. Unfortunately, customer called and I need to be there immediately. Fine, having not much choice, I put down all my stuff in hands and rushed out of the office to see that Queen-Elizabeth-like customer. Even though everything went well there, but I have more things to be done from there. And I was expect to finish it by the end of the day. I was so tensed and stressed up. I think I might be having high-blood pressure.

So, the whole afternoon I was busy coding and programming, adding new features and system customization. I must finish it by today. The UAT has been taking too much time. I must cut it short. Otherwise, customer from the other department will make noise. And when their boss heard complaints from their staff, my boss will be alerted, and I will be questioned. That political chain. Goodness! I hate it!

And that's not all. Being able to finish work by 7pm. I thought I could catch the monorail again to reach KL Sentral by 7:30pm so that I might have the chance to have a glance of him. And by the time I reached down at the lobby of my office building, I was pissed to see that it was raining! And I looked at my watch, it's already 7:25pm. By the time I reached KL Sentral, he must have gone. I turned around and headed back to my office to join my colleague for dinner.

That's life!

My bad hair day? Maybe. But I think I've got used to it. Working life like this sucks!


Jason said...

Uh oh... breathe breathe..
You hid your emotions perfectly in Gtalk don't you?

savante said...

Yikes. Sounds like a bad day.

coolgardy said...

Take it have good days and bad days, thats how life is balanced!