Saturday, November 17, 2007

Random Update

Not that I have nothing to update about for these few days as there were so many things happened and I just couldn't spare out a time and really sit down and type. Well, actually there was time when I could really sit down and type, but I just did not know how to start. Obviously I am not a good writer who can just write things as if words are forming automatically in their head and sentences were formed and paragraphs were structured so well that an article could just be produced within a few minutes.

No I am not a writer. Amateur!

Works have been bothering me very much and I was acting crazy last night during our ktv session with my colleagues. I was not me during that time. Don't ask! You have no idea how crazy I can be! But come to think of it, I really messed things up. I think I have not putting enough efforts for my works. Despite having to entertain billion of customers (well actually less than 10, but one day 2 customers can already make you feel as if you're in hell!) , I still have to come back to my office after 6pm(when it was the time to go home) , and write emails and stuff to re-confirm whatever agreed during our discussion earlier.

Not just that, I also need to alter the program which those customers mercilessly requires. Having not much choice, I have to force my ass to stick at the office chair and customize my program. Oh, and that's not all! I still need to do the testing to ensure the system work fine after the alteration. And that I always do it badly because I was already exhausted! Perhaps that's why problems occurred.

Perhaps I should work harder!

Oh great! Never mind! No point complaining and griping as it won't get my problems solved. I have, anyway, drafted out the schedule for next week and I know it's gonna be a VERY BUMPY working weeks! So wish me well and lotsa lucks, will you?

And to celebrate the end of my peaceful working life, I basically drove myself crazy last night singing like a BIG STAR in that small and stuffy ktv room. Damned the air-cond wasn't keeping us cool as it should be. Despite a few complaints, the staff did not managed to fix the problem and I didn't give a damn no more. Got home pretty late and I let myself watching Dante's Cove Season episode 1 after washing myself up. Disappointing, really! I mean the show. They don't even look like they're fucking when they're fucking! And Reichen? Oh gosh, does he even know how to jerk off? Where are those romantic kissing scenes? Where are those fucking the hell out of each other scene? I hope the second episode won't bring me down again!

Perhaps I can act better?!

Surprisingly, I got myself going to gym this morning. Manage to work on my triceps and biceps. Have to work harder on my chest as my belly is getting bigger! Must have a bigger chest to cover my already big belly! And damn, I found this uncle trying to hint something at me in the sauna and steam room. If only he's Dr Mani, I would have given him what he wants. Thanks Goodness, his 'uncle appearance' manage to keep my cock down!

Being alone in the house today as all of my family members were not at home ( I am lazy to explain now), I bought KFC right across the street and watch the Astro showing Nanny McPhee. Cried at the end. I always love happy ending. After that, I poured a glass of ice-cream soda, went into my bedroom and watched the latest episode of Brothers & Sisters! Oh, I enjoyed the show. Love it to the max!

Right after that, I found myself sitting on the sofa in the living room and turned on the Astro again when I excitedly found out the movie "The Devil Wears Prada" had just started. Another great and lengthy movie! Not so many good-looking guys in the movie. I only found one scene where the character Christian in the movie was half naked coming out of the shower after having a one night stand with Andrea. Well, it's still a good movie though.

I don't find myself work as hard as Andrea, really. And I should be thankful that my boss is not as cruel as Miranda. Well, sometime I really do not know what I really want. And I just let myself drifting away. Follow whatever brings me to. That sucks! I know. Damn I should be enjoying my weekend. But tomorrow morning I have to be the emcee for an art exhibition opening ceremony. Yeah, that's my weekend...

Work again...

I need to rest...


savante said...

Find myself sorely needing a break from work as well - hence my christmas shopping next week.

coolgardy said...

Take it easy la...but u did get your rest after all, no?

Lifebook said...

Life is never easy.. so, no need to make it harder.. :)

Relax and take a small break. It will help.

**both hand on waving on the air** Savante, don't forget my x'mas gift. LOL!!