Saturday, November 24, 2007

Bedroom Cleaning

Cock-roach crawling on the floor in my bedroom...

That filthy thing!

That's what I have seen few days back. Using shelltox to spray at it until I saw it turned upside down and waving its legs as if screaming for help. I was still not satisfied. I kept spraying until I felt like I have used up half bottle of the shelltox. I was that mean! Bluek! :p

And I was wondering, what the hell is that filthy cock-roach doing in my bedroom?! Was my bedroom that dirty and stink?! Eeww... What if it climbed on me while I was sleeping? Will I just wave it away? Or pinch it to death? Or will I just put it in my mouth while I was dreaming about eating crunchy crackers?! Yucks! Disgusting?! Regardless, I think it's the time for me to do some room cleaning.

So in this wonderful Saturday afternoon, I have my computer playing Alicia's songs from her latest album and start doing the cleaning. My room is not really big (even though I have the biggest room compare to my siblings :P), but I have lotsa stuff inside. Mostly books and magazines. And of course some other collections. Having too many stuff inside, I thought I should clear them out. Especially those out-dated, aging, unwanted stuff which starts collecting dust.

But I have problem with clearing things out. I don't have the heart to throw them all away. Those were my collection. My university assignment reports binded nicely. I was enjoying reading them over and over again remembering how hard and how much efforts I put in working those projects and assignment. Of course, there are some other postcards, small tiny fashion books with hunky model wearing only underwear. How could I possibly throw them away?!

You're not gonna throw me away, are you?

Magazines. Goodness! You should see how many stacks I have inside my bedroom. Under my bed there're Men'Health magazine I collected for the past two years. And then I have that magazines for this year arranging properly in my bookrack. Not only that, I also collect NEW ICON magazine. Fortunately that magazine is release bi-monthly, so only 6 magazines per year. And there's no way that I am gonna throw them out! :p That's not all, I have Reader Digests filling up my book racks. Subscribed it since years ago. Thanks goodness, I stop subscribing it. Lazy to re-new, that's why! but I still buy it from book store occasionally when I am running out of something to read.

At the end, I threw out some other magazines which I stop reading or subscribing. Also, I threw out most of my old cassettes. Heart-breaking really! Looking those cassettes, they reminded me of those days when I was still young. Aiks! I am still young, ain't I?! Anyway, bittersweet memories just pop up in my head. Also, I got rid of empty mineral water bottle I bought. I drink alot. Can easily dehydrated! I even found myself threw the big puzzle (a photo of Aquarius) I bought years back which I never solved.

The funny thing is, even I have got rid of whole lotsa magazines and stuff, I still find my room very stuffy! Gosh, books! That's why! The idea of selecting which book to keep and what book to throw is tiring, I gave up in the end. Instead, I took a wet cloth and wipe my ceiling fan, my piano and my computer monitor which were covered with dust! Urgh! No wonder I find those movie I watched lately a little blurry! :p

Hmmm... I have vision problem?

Anyway, there are still a lot of things to be done to my room. Perhaps I should re-decorate my room. Re-organize my bedroom. Hmm... that sounds like a good idea. Should apply a few days leave to do that. And I am so gonna buy some new furnitures for my bedroom. Throw out those old one. Some of them are just too big and they just eat up too much space! I should start saving and pay a visit to IKEA.


Queer Ranter said...

Urrrgh. I hate cockroaches... Especially the flying ones. And when you smack em, they STINK!

Calvin said...

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT buy bookshelf from IKEA. I have 2 and it's useless.

First, it's not cheap and with that price, it should be spacious and practical. It turned out to be not spacious enough, not deep enough, not wide enough, although it looks neat and nice but you can only put one row of books per rack.

You should just shop around furniture shop or just buy cheap ones at hypermarket like Giant, Carrefour.

You throw your books away? Oh no! You should donate it to orphanage or any school's library.

Brian Chang said...

lol, havent been upkleen ur bedroom eh, thought u have ADD like me when comes to cleanliness

Jason said...

Hate or scared of cockroaches? They're cock-roaches... u see... :P