Thursday, November 08, 2007

Random Update : When I wish upon the star

I finally managed to watch STARDUST today with my family. And yes I love it. Not entirely because of the cute actor, but I also love the actress, Michelle Pfeiffer. I think she's great! She even acted in Hairspray. And how bitchy she was! Yeah, I like bitches! After all, I could be bitchy as well. So, beware of me!

Rrrgghh... Beware! I do bite sometime!

Watching movie in One Utama took almost half of my "holiday-ing" day. Once I got home, I took an afternoon nap for awhile and it was already 6:30pm. So nothing much to talk about today, really.

However, I found this in youtube and I thought it was intense. Some sort like another version of brokeback mountain. Gay affair between two cops. Yeah, let your imagination run wild a bit!

Forever Blue - Cold Case

We're the lucky one

It's a bit sad at the end actually which is why I decided not to download the episode and watch. Life as a gay man is saddening enough already. And I don't need those series to remind me of how disheartening it could be to live a gay life. And trust me being in the closet is never good. Constantly in fear of being discovered. And sometime I just wish that someone fucking pull me out of the closet and let me be dead being shot by the overwhelming critics, questions, humiliation, or even rejection.

Just shoot me!

But then, every time I come to the edge of pulling myself out of the closet, I always have excuses to convince myself that I am not ready yet. And that perhaps it is best the way it is now.

Only in my dream...

Enough of sad story! Now, I should get some sleep and fucking dream about Dr. Mani throwing me into the sofa or bed and sweet talk me to get into my pant. Oh right, he doesn't even have to do the sweet talk, really!


savante said...

I admit Cold Case was pretty sad but hey, download it. Still makes some excellent viewing.

Queer Ranter said...

Hot deng it. I wanna watch Stardust too!

Gauzzel said...

do u know something

Sincroncity was filmed in manchester
no wonder i was starting to recognise some of the places!
and guess what
i just got the dvd set