Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Suck It Out, Put It In

I was told that I am not taking enough calories.

I need more!!

Apparently I have eaten more rice than anyone else and I am well-known a heavy rice-eater. I normally have two plates of rice for my lunch or dinner. And since my parents cannot eat too much rice, they most of the time give some of their rice to me knowing that I am such a crazy rice-eater.

And yet, I am still skinny like a bamboo stick.

I went to see this Mr. Flirtatious this afternoon to fix some system problem. Long time never heard from him really, as he used to call me everyday complaining about having system error and all that. And today, some other error was found and I need to go to his workplace and investigate. I noticed right away that his belly is slightly bigger! Not that he got pregnant or what, but really, he has that so called beer-belly.

Perfect abs!

While I was busy investigating what's wrong with the system, he complained to me that his little shirt was a little too tight.

Mr. Flirtatious : Gosh, this shirt is little tight for me!
Me : Getting fat already?
Mr. Flirtatious : Maybe. That's why this shirt is tight for me.
Me : And I kinda notice your big belly. What's wrong?
Mr. Flirtatious : Yeah la! I also know. It's useless to do any sit-ups to get rid of this spare tire. Oh yes, I need to show you something!!!

He quickly got a magazine (Cosmetic! Duh, isn't it a lady magazine?!) , and flipped through the pages and showed me the article. Guess what the article is all about?!


I was like "Are you sure about that!?". Then he explained, he's gonna do that 'Smartsuction' where the fat around his belly will be sucked out. Is there any different with liposuction?! He also told me that the doctor actually recommended two options :

1) Suck out all the fat and throw it out.
2) Or 'neutralize' all the fat and let the body clean the fat out naturally

So you chose to suck it out? Or let it out naturally?!

And he chose the first option. Get it done once and for all. And it will cost him around RM 2K.

Anyway, not that it's my business. I couldn't care more. But I told him that I have no fat to worry about. The only thing I hate is the fact that I can never get fat. Or to be more accurate, I could not gain enough weight. Even though I have gained another 2 kgs over these few months (which is really a great thing for me), I need another 4 to 5 kgs to achieve my target to be 65kgs in weight before year end.

Well, then he told me that I did not consume enough calories. He explained that calories I consumes is equal to my calories needed. I should consume a lot more calories that I actually needed. Then only I can gain weight. Maybe he's right. Having a really high-metabolism, I can easily release my energy.

Hmm... I should eat more. Should buy a whole bunch of bread and put it on my table. I used to eat a lot of biscuit. But too many biscuits cause me to have fever. Any suggestion? More bread?
what else? Don't ask me to eat more rice! I have had enough rice during my lunch and dinner!

I need more beefcakes!

Gosh, most people are so into losing weight, yet I am struggling to gain weight! Pathetic!


savante said...

Never ever get fat! Ah, bitch!! :P

Jason said...

Maybe potatoes?

Janvier said...

Hello you, also trying to put on weight eh. Welcome to our world! *High five*

Have you tried varying your eating frequencies? Smaller portions but more times per day?

anaximander said...

hei,ryan, i have been reading ur blog lately, once i was like you too,the skinny bamboo, and everywhere i go ppl used to ask, hei,why u so skinny 1 ah? tht really frust me. and i have a really high metabolism. i am also quite tall. 176cm with a 59 kg body. i ate a lot of rice too,juz like u and is a real big eater. however i never get any fatter and worst still when i do heavy work i will become even more skinny. so lately i take fernleaf full cream milk powder mix with whey protein. i recommend u GNC 100% gold whey protein. i take 9 tablespoon of milk powder mix with 3 spoon of protein powder,and of coz eat really a lot for breakfast,lunch,dinner and supper and rest a lot. i also do resistance trainnig(free weight),only a little cardio for warm up, and guess what, in 2 weeks time i gain 6kg! i am now 65kg. i am quite amaze actually. now i am not tht bulk up, but i can atleast feel myself not so skinny and weak like i used to be. i still continue working out. eating rice a lot wont make u fat,but instead eat a lot with complete nutrition. tht means u need to eat many time in a day.six heavy meal a day.tht means u need to see urself consistantly eating through out the day. so ryan, i hope wat i suggest can really help u, gave a nice day.

Ryan said...

Savante, then you're a big fat bitch!

Jason, I should try that! You mean potatoes ship? LOL...

Janvier, yeah should try to small portion more time per day.

Anaximander, wahh... then I should try that too. Whey protein? Tends to be very expensive. :-( I'll try that out anyway. Damned, everything has its price, really!

ernloy said...

yes,always my concern too :P
used to b 60 or less(last year i think), after starting with gym and taking protein shakes(yes,it is ex,but it helps,at least for me,din do much for my friend though)
and now i am 63 -_-" (not much gain still, but at least more built :) my target is 65 too!!! tat's y i leave comment :P my height is 173cm)
i started gym for almost 1 n a half year now...but stopped taking proteins shakes for almost half a year,i am thinking to start taking again,probably by this weekend :)
so,good luck in weight gaining!!!

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Dominique Rogers said...

Hello you, also trying to put on weight eh. Welcome to our world! *High five* Have you tried varying your eating frequencies? Smaller portions but more times per day?

Anonymous said...

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