Monday, July 16, 2007


"You've been good. I don't have any negative comment on you."

That was what I got as a conclusion for my appraisal. After working for almost two years in the company, this is the second appraisal I've had in the company. And this time, it took lesser time to complete the whole session. We (the boss & I) have nothing to talk about. Basically I know what his expectation, and he knows my working attitude, situation, problems. So my appraisal was basically a revision for both of us and it's simple and straight-forward. No argue, no fight, peace at the end.

No negative comment...

I think this is good. My superior knows me (except the fact that I am gay) well. I always keep him updated. And whatever e-mails to the customer I will cc to him. So he basically knows what happened between me and my customers. No complaints emails and/or letters to him about me. Then I am safe. Like what he said, "No negative comment." And that's pretty good already.

Of course, he has his long-term planning which he shared with me during the appraisal session and I accepted as I kinda expected that's what he'll do next. So, I know him well too. I do not know if this is true, but gay men are more sensitive. And at time, through all the information we collected 'unconsciously', we can sort of 'predict' what will happen next. LOL... psyche?!

Anyway, it's over now. Nothing special for this appraisal. I am thinking, what can I do more to improve myself and my productivity so that when the next appraisal comes, I do not have to worry that I have not impressed him enough. For this appraisal, I think I've impressed him well enough. I hope I would get a good increment!

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That beautiful angel in white
He passed me by
We got on board
We stood far apart
He found a seat and sat
Suddenly he dozed off

That beautiful sleeping angel in white
His closed eyes
His pure white face
That wonderful sight
Has once again taken my breath away...

Oh my, what a wonderful sight...


Queer Ranter said...

Oooo gratz!

coolgardy said...

I remembered my last A&C and my boss said I had to tone down. Nope, my boss don't know that I'm gay but being gay, well, we have an attitude at times and being flamboyant, u know la, I can get overboard...hehe