Monday, July 23, 2007

Trying to look good

After my gym session, I walked out of California Fitness realizing I was wearing branded t-shirt, branded short and also a pair of not-so-popular branded shoes. And every time I passed by the mirrored-wall, I kept trying to have a better glance of that strangely familiar person I have known since the first day I look into the mirror.

Well, not that I am so 'loaded' and rich now that I managed to wear branded stuff. But it is a fact that now I can financially support myself. And that feeling of being financially independent struck me somehow at that moment of time. I am no longer a child who ask for allowance from mommy.

I bought this shirt and tie on my own!

I am not a local. I mean I was not raised here in Kuala Lumpur. I grew up in the (notoriously) most rural state in Peninsular Malaysia - Kelantan. Yes, very far behind from development and... can I say civilization? OK, no it's not that bad actually. Anyway, branded stuff was never an issue back then in Kelantan. Not that we're so rich that we have no problem buying those stuff. We don't really have any idea what's branded and what's not. Apparently, everything is branded. Even the underwear sold in pasar malam (night market) also branded, ok?!

Anyway, things changed a bit for me when I become a teenager. Yeah, started to have more concern of the 'outlook'. No, we didn't have any model to follow. I was stupid enough to use my own imagination and creativity to make myself look better. I would buy shirts and pants that look cool on that fake dead plastic model displayed behind the glass. Never know that those clothes never look good on me. Oh I don't follow the model I saw in tv (fashion show) or magazine. I thought they are too expensive and somewhat un-displayable! Who would wear that kind of shirts in the public?!

I still remember being criticized so badly by my sister, that I had no idea how to groom. And every shirt or pant I bought just doesn't help to make me look any better. At the end, I just gave up. I am not an artistic designer who knows how to make myself look any better. To hell with how I look. Deep down inside my heart, I still wanted to look better of course. But being a rural area kids who stay in that peaceful and conservative state, I have VERY limited resources to do study and research on how to groom. Besides, during that time, metro-sexual men had not yet been introduced into this world. So, boy no need to be so beautiful la! Like any other young id, I wear those round neck t-shirt all the time and a lose baggy pants. I don't like jeans, somehow they always torture my 'phoenix' and the 'two golden eggs'. I wonder why jeans always so tight last time. Since when they introduced the lose and baggy jeans?

And now, after my university life and stepped into this challenging working life. Everything seems to be very important. From inside out you have to know how to 'decorate' yourself. Even you are the ugliest person in town, you should know how to hide your weakness and show, I mean shine your strength to the fullest. Thanks to this heavenly developed city of Kuala Lumpur, I managed to learn from the 'culture' and I find myself evolve from time to time. From a slumber and 'uncivilized' young kids to a 'well-mannered' and educated adult.

No longer a kid I used to be.

I managed to learn grooming mostly from friends and magazines. And even wandering around shopping malls and observing people is a good 'education' for me (even though I was actually hunting for those hunky hunks or studs and enjoy my eye-candy. Yummy-licious!).

Up till today, I still find myself very poor in dressing up. At least I improved a bit. That's a good thing. At least my sister never complained why I bought this shirt and how stupid I am to buy that pant which doesn't suit me at all. At least now I know I should always look into the mirror and really know about my body and what piece of cloths suit me well.

I do realize that if you have a well-shaped body, then most (if not all) shirt or pants will suit you well. You do not need to worry so much of buying what kind of cutting that suit you. What kind of cloth looks better on you.

Ermm... will I look better without the jeans?

Pathetically, I am not even looking good naked. Gosh, I need to bulk up! Eating a lot doesn't help. I am a freaking high-metabolism animal. And I need to hire a personal trainer to motivate me to carry those stupid heavy metals I hate. But now I don't have enough money. Argh! Fine. Work harder then. Gosh, want to look good also have to suffer! Yeah right, that's great!


Janvier said...

Yeah, looks didn't matter much when we were younger too, whenever we go out it's simply a tee and jeans...waitaminute, that's still our casual attire nowadays!

Jason said...

I don't even go to the gym laa. Now who is "stupid-er" in grooming? :P

coolgardy said...

Looks like someone has grown up...btw, u go to Cali too? OMG...which one is you? Too many cute guys there... :p