Tuesday, July 10, 2007

That first phrase

I actually spent some times surfing on the internet looking for something I don't even thought I would look for. I opened up my browser, access to Google search engine page, and I typed "pick up lines", and I clicked on the search button.

Expectedly, a list of "useful" websites listed down one by one and I randomly chose any of the website and look for a suitable pick up line. I was quite disappointed to find that all the pick up lines are for man to use on woman, but not for man using on man. Ahh... as if it's something new?!

"So what are you gonna say to me?!"

Anyway, some of the pick up lines can be used "universally", but (yes, another but), those lines are used for picking up a person for ONS. Gosh, we human are such a sexual animal. Yes, we are (as though I am gonna deny it). Tired of searching for the right pick up lines, I actually wrote down some of them myself in the afternoon... which I totally think they are not gonna works.

Let's see how crappy I can be...

"Hi there! I've been noticing you. Care to be my friend?"

"Hello! I'm Ryan, and you're....?"

"Hi! I've been stalking you and I couldn't stop it until you ask me out!" LOL...

"Hey there! Can I borrow your phone number so I could call you in a while?" LOL...

"Sorry, but are you Justin!? No? What's your name then?"

"Excuse me! Can I ..." oh never mind!

"Ehh... what's up doc?!"

Gosh!! Tension! How to ask him out? I might be stumbling upon him again later today at the KL Sentral and I have no idea what to say when I meet him. Pick-up lines? Sound so lame.


I seriously wonder how to pick up a guy I like. I mean how? And sometime we don't even know their sexual orientation. And I don't trust my gaydar. There's a few times I thought this fella was gay, and the next thing I know, is that he's getting married next month to a pretty girl.

Hmm... I guess I am the one who should be waiting to be picked-up?!

Side Note :
* He wears light blue long sleeve shirts today. Expensive type.
* He saw me and I think he recognized me. He saw me and he took another glance to re-assure I was the one he saw the other day, or yesterday.
* I was standing next to him again. And we never spoke to each other.


coolgardy said...

Y dun u pick me up instead..heheh

Well, my dear boy, if you are trying to use it to pick up that cutie on the train, I suggest that you just look at him and smile and just pluck out that courage and just say, "How are you? Notice you read that book bla bla bla, and then ask his opinion about it? That should be the way u try to pick that guy up, since u know he reads that book, act blur at times la... :p

Legolas said...

Yeah, look at him until he sees you and you smile, then continue with whatever you think appropriate. That would be good.

Fable Frog said...

pick up lines? i thought PLUs pick up a guy by eye connection, no~? hahaha well at least that's what my friends does!! Ya~ i think with cutie on the train~ u just start with normal conversation, dun get all too wierd to annoyed him~ just anything about the weather, books, the train, the corwd~ etc~~~ hahaha lame? i know~ haha

savante said...

Just say hei. And see where it goes.