Thursday, July 05, 2007



I saw my crush today. And I saw him near. We were so close! Wowwee!! I am so happy!! Aahhhhh!!!!!!!! He's so cute! He's so fine! He's so .... Ahhhhh!!!!!

OK. Sorry for being out of control. I should behave myself, I know!

I am always well-behaved. Not until I saw him...

So what happened? Hahaha...

10am, in the office

I thought it's gonna be another normal working day to me today. I was having my hard time killing 'bugs' for the program in the morning. Morning always seems very short. With a blink of eyes, it's already over and lunch time it was!

--- ~ * Lunch break - Nothing to talk about. Period. * ~ --

3pm, in the office

Again, I drowned myself in the world of programming trying to solve the problems. I dozed-off a few times after staring at the monitor for such a long long time. It's like the monitor knows how to sing my favorite lullaby. And I can't even listen to my mp3s. Listening to music make me sleep faster.

4pm, in the office

OK, I seriously couldn't do anything. With my mind blur and feeling sleepy. That's it. I couldn't solve any problems. I ended up chatting online with an ex-colleague who seems to be so free as his superior and senior were out of office. So he didn't have any work to do for the day. He even told me he had had a tea-break for an hour. That's so unfair! After chatting, I didn't feel sleepy anymore, but I felt hungry. Suddenly, I wanted to go home.

6pm, in the office

I shut down the PC. Waited for another colleague and we rushed out of the office like a prisoners out of the prison.

6:55pm, KL Sentral

According to the schedule board, the train will arrive at 7:05pm. Still have a few minutes to hang around in the KL Sentral. When I was about to head to MPH to buy the current month Men's Health magazine, I heard the operator announcing:

"Train to xxx will be arriving at platform number four. Train ke xxx akan tiba di platform nombor empat."

I quickly rushed down the escalator to catch the train. When I reached the platform, I saw the train was arriving. Good! But when I see the big crowd, deep in my heart, I was like :"Shit!". Having no choice, I got myself into the crowd to find a better place to get on board. And then I saw that familiar face. That fresh, young and good-looking face I used to see once in a blue moon.

Suddenly the whole crowd didn't seem to bother me anymore. And the only thing I know is that I have to be near him this time, as though that's the thing I should do right there right then. I somehow managed to get behind him. Excited. The train open its door, I kept myself close behind him and got on board with him.

--~~ Flash Back ~~ --

Once in a while, I took the KTM to go to office. And each time I took the train, I will always hope to see that guy. I still remember the first time I see him that almost normal morning. I got into the train that morning still haven't fully woke up. So basically I was a 'zombie' then. Not until I saw him. My vision started to be clearer as though my glasses was not functioning before that. I saw that morning sun shined upon that re-freshing cute face. His eyes, his nose and thin lips make a such good combination. I further examine his fitting long-sleeve shirt. It was white with dark blue/black box stripes. He was carrying a bag pack. Looking so fine. I didn't have the chance to have a close look on him. So I stood from a far, watching him as my heart pumping ever so faster than usual. And at that point of time, I was so awake!

-- ~~ Back to Now ~~ --

We found ourselves a place to stand (as there's no more seat available), and I manage to stand behind or beside him (I can't actually tell 'cause sometime he turned around and it'll become 'beside' instead of 'behind'. hehehe... Well, mostly behind him). So standing very close behind, this time I really can enjoy my 'eye-candy'. Oops, did the saliva dripping out of my mouth?!

He's wearing black shirt today with vertical stripes and a black pants. Standing behind him, I managed to see his well-comb hair and his clean sexy neck and also his fragile-look left ear. I almost kissed his neck. Neck can be a very sensitive area, you know! His back is normally broad and when I looked further down, gosh, he has such a firm ass! Did I not grab them?! Oops, did I just said that?!

Do you know, I am watching you from behind...

Oh he's carrying a laptop bag this time. With another hand holding a book. I couldn't see what book is it. Not until he opened the book and started to read. It is "Rich Dad Poor Dad"! He just started the first chapter (page 17). Hahahaha.... I even remember the page number. I read the book during my university. Well, he's a bit outdated, huh?! Anyway, glad that he reads book. And I hope he doesn't read the book only because he wants to get rich!

When he was reading, I enjoyed myself staring at him. Since I managed to see his side view, I examine his eyes (long eye brow), his cute little nose down back to his sexy lips. I don't even know if he knew that he was being watched. But I seriously don't mind standing there whole day beside him watching him reading. I almost whispered :"Gods must have spent a little more time on you!" And then from time to time, I looked down just to make sure I have a good look on that firm ass! I'm such a pervert!

His eyes, his nose, his neck... and lips.

Oh, how can I missed to take a photo of him. Since I do not have digital camera with me, I used my stupid hand phone to capture his photos. Even if I do have digital camera with me, I doubt I would use it. Too obvious!

So I took out my phone pretending I am typing a sms, but actually I am taking a good view and capture his (mostly side face) photos. When the train was about to reach my destination, he managed to get a seat in front of where I stood. Perfect! The, I could have a better view of him and take a better photo of him. The first button of his shirt was left un-bottoned. That makes him even more sexy than ever.

I wondered if anyone caught me taking photos of him. There's this short girl who were standing right beside me was looking on me occasionally. Not sure if she looked at me because I was taking photos of a cute guy, or because she think I am cute?! Who cares?! I got what I want.

The train finally reach the destination and I grab my last chance to have a good look into his eyes. Yes, watery like a peaceful lake. Love it. I got out of the train smiling to myself. He makes my day! :D

Wet wet dream, please!!!!

I am praying very hard that I will dream of him tonight. Wet dream!


Calvin said...

Show lah his cute sexy face here. Hehehe...

coolgardy said...

Pls pray tell you had that WET dream so that u can share with all of us!

Oh btw, how about uploading his pic here so that we can all see it? :)

Miaomiao said...

yeah ... why don't you upload that pic of his cute sexy face? ... ;))))