Monday, July 09, 2007

The flirtatious friend

I was in the train. Reached destination. We waved goodbye. And today, I decided to walk back home instead of calling my parents to pick me up and bring me home. I have to walk through a busy road, walk pass a back street and cross a "river" (which is actually a big drain), walk pass a few streets again to finally reach home. All the way, I told myself, life isn't treating me too bad.

"I'm OK... Life's not so bad after all."

My working hour is 9am to 6pm. But the staff in the company don't leave the office at 6pm. Most of them leave after 6:15pm. I normally leave after 7pm. But today, I got out of the office at 6:25pm, a little earlier than usual. I was tired. Thanks to my new habit - blogging, which keep me busy typing until 1am in the morning. Or perhaps I was staring at the computer for too long, blogging + lack of sleep = Exhaustion. So for the whole day, there's only one significant thing I remember, that gay-ish customer I have to deal with almost everyday now.

As a programmer, not only do I need develop system, I also have to deal with customer, the user who use the system I developed, of course. And due to whatever reasons, I have to deal with this user, a guy, let's call him Matt.

Well, Matt is good-looking. Few years older than me. (Again!!) He is the typical metro-sexual kinda guy. He is well-groomed, know how to play mix and match with his clothes. I think he is the best-dressed male staff in his office. Oh, did I mentioned he goes to the same fitness club that I am joining?! Well, we never met in the club before as we always go there at different time. No luck! Having said that, he has a well-shaped body, not too muscular and not too slim (like me :p. OK, I am working on it, OK!) .

Well, the first time I lay my eyes on this guy because he was wearing a tight long sleeve shirt. Can't remember what color. And it was Friday after lunch time, if I am not mistaken. I have to be there in his office to settle some system problem. Since Friday is the "casual day", he un-buttoned his first button of his shirt. OK, you can imagine how naughty my eyes would have been. Things got worse when I was sitting on his chair and attend to his computer (to solve problem of course) and he was standing in front of me. Whenever he has to lean forward and point his finger on the monitor to show me this and that, I have to keep my eyes focus on the monitor and NOT somewhere on the first button on his shirt. I still remember his colleague, a lady jokingly told him that he was being too sexy and that he should button up his shirt. I just smiled and said nothing.

"Button up your shirt, Matt! That's such a distraction!"

OK, I don't know how we got pretty good with each other these days. And he obviously being very flirtatious with me. Calling me and said this need to be fixed and that need to be changed. And I should be there helping him to solve the problems. Or telling me that he missed my voice. Now almost every day I will receive a call from him. He even said that it is not usual if he never listen to my voice for one day. And sometime I don't know he was teasing me or what, whenever he called me, I would ask what's the problem, before he told me the real problem, he would say "Just miss you mar... hahahahaha...." Then only he'll tell me the real problem. If my gaydar is working fine, he is definitely a gay.

We went for lunch once. Yes, only both of us. I was pretty nervous. I thought it was a date. But no. No chemistry. No sparks. No love in the air. And still, I have to face him, his flirtatious calls, almost everyday. Don't get me wrong! He's not a bad person. He's a nice guy. But just not my type la! I think he knows I am gay, and he obviously let me know he is. We never opened up our closet to each other, but I would rather not.

Anyway, as mentioned earlier in the post, feeling tired and exhausted, I left the office earlier to catch the KTM Commuter. I met one of my friend at the KL Sentral. That's a good thing. It is always good to have a company. We chatted how busy a KL life can be, how irritating adn annoying that we need to spend hours after work waiting for public transport to finally reach home... bla bla bla...

Did I ever mention, while talking to her at the platform, that cute familiar face appeared from a far, walking towards us, wearing white long sleeve-shirt today, still carrying the notebook bag, walked passed us... that breathless sight... I couldn't concentrate on what my friend was telling me... then the train suddenly appeared out of nowhere, I was dragged into the KTM by my friend and he disappeared into the crowd...

"It's him, again..."

In the train, my friend kept telling me things, but my mind was elsewhere...

Then, we reached our destination, we waved goodbye. On my way home, I told myself, life isn't treating me too bad.


coolgardy said...

Item #1 - pls take a pic of that cute guy in the office even though he might not be ur type, maybe it is for some of us here? :)

Item#2 - yes yes definitely the heavens are giving u a chance to meet ur crush, go ahead and be brave! :p

Queer Ranter said...

Oooo. I love office scandals~~~ :P

Ryan said...

1) Nah! Not gonna take the risk anymore. Don't want any mis-understanding if he caught me taking a photo of him.
2) Go ahead? I don't even know if he's gay. Besides, if he were, how?

Queer Ranter,
Scandals?! Hardly la...