Sunday, July 22, 2007


Weekend comes and goes. Always so quickly.

Frankly I have nothing to talk about. Life's not getting as interesting as it used to be when I was back in university. That's really pathetic. I have suit myself into the ever so routine-kind of working life.

I've got to spice up my life. I always tell myself that, but at the end... no spice no life. LOL...

Realizing my poor command in English, I've decided to start my reading habit again. I've been reading, but not good enough. I need to read more.

I've bought a book just now - A Spot of Bother by Mark Haddon. Read the synopsis and I find it interesting. Actually I have a lot of books which are lying on my book rack in my bedroom waiting for me to at least just give them a glance. But, this book look more interesting. :p

The new book!

Pathetically, I haven't finished "The Kite Runner", still have like one chapter. I will finish it tonight so I can start with the new book.

Not a long post this time. So post an eye-candy instead. :p

So, are you just gonna stare at me
or you have something else in your mind?


coolgardy said...

Do tell us what you think of your new book ya... :)
Write a review of it here :)

danielhenry said...

ohh... i bought this book too... LOLs... i just love his writings!
enjoy the read.

savante said...

That is a great book! But you could try the book he wrote before this as well, curious incident about the dog in night time.

Janvier said...

Yes, do give a sum-up of the books you've read (wah sounds like homework) if you can.

Have fun with the books!