Thursday, July 26, 2007

That Saturday Noon

Saturday afternoon has never been this uneasy for him. He was lying in the sofa trying to read the not-so-interesting novel he bought a few days back. Normally, he should be enjoying himself sipping hot boiled green-tea while reading in this beautiful sunny day. Occasionally, he would look out of the window and seeing cars passing by or enjoying the scenes of leaves falling down from the trees while birds singing A-Capella. But that particular Saturday seems different. No green-tea. Even the afternoon spring-breeze could not comfort him anyway.

Relaxing in the beautiful Saturday noon.

Still holding the book in his hands, his mind was somewhere else. He was not reading. He was thinking and imagining what it will be like later in the evening. His heart beat was faster than usual whenever he thought about it. He could not concentrate on the book. He look at the heart-shaped with red border clock on the wall and realized that there was few more hours away until 6pm.

Suddenly he panicked, "What should I wear?!"

He immediately put down the book on the small white table beside him, getting himself up from the sofa and rushed into his bedroom. He switched on the light, walked to his wardrobe and open the slide-door. He could see his shirt from plain colour to those with flowery pattern shirt hanging there inside. His pants, all slack or khakis, were neatly folded and stack beneath the shirts. He hate this - the mix-and-match game.

"No! Not too formal." He told himself, "This one seems ok. But how about this long sleeve purple round neck shirt? Hmm... no no... I look too thin in it. Next one!"

Taking the shirt out one by one from the closet and threw them on his single bed, he could not decide which one is the best. At the end, he chose to leave the room. He surrendered. He gave up. He knew he's not good in this game. He took his newly-bought Nokia cellphone with him and walked back to the sofa and try to check if there was any unread message. No, no new message. He gently located his beloved Nokia cellphone on the table beside him. Continue his reading.

Afternoon breeze blew in. He lied comfortably on the sofa. He fell asleep.

He fell asleep.


His Nokia phone was ringing. Irritated, he picked up the phone and answered.

"Yes? Who is this?" he asked with his eyes closed.

"Hey! What's your house number again? Thirty-one or Thirty-seven? I'm on my way there!"

"What?!" Shocked. He looked up. The clock indicated 5:45pm. "Errmm... it's thirty-one! Three One! Errmm... how long will it take for you to reach here?"

"Around fifteen minutes, I hope. Promised you to be there by 6pm, right?"

"OK ok. See you later then!" He ended the phone conversation and rushed into the bathroom. He took a brief shower, barely dried himself up, wrapped his lower body and got into his bedroom. With all his shirts on the bed, he chose the light blue fitting shirt and a light brown khakis pant and put them on. He quickly gel-ed and styled his hair. Sprayed the masculine fragrance on his neck. Grabbed his silver metal watch and wore on his left wrist.

"Ding dong!" That's the door bell.

"I'm coming! Wait a second!" He reached for the table beside his bed and opened the drawer to get his wallet. Switched off the light. Closed the door. The door bell rang again.

"Yes, I'm coming!" He opened the door, and saw the man, smiling with a bouquet of flowers in his hands.

He f**king brought flowers!

Side Note :
This story above is fiction! :p


coolgardy said...

Gee, YOU had me at hello...but then again, 15mins to do all that stuff, I dun think I can ever do all those things in that range...I like to take slow and easy. :)

Janvier said...

Hey, that was very good :) Simple, elegant and something everyone could relate to!
Sure it's fiction? :D

Jason said...

Nice fiction :P