Sunday, July 22, 2007


I was told that being successful in socializing, you must be humorous and can tell jokes to make people laugh. Knowing what to say the right thing at the right time is very important. Same apply to telling jokes. We should know when to tell the right jokes at the right time. I am not gonna "educate" how to tell jokes here. But it's fun to be with people who can tell jokes. And nowadays, people seems to be more interested in telling 'cold' jokes. Or stupid jokes. Jokes that might not make people laugh, but will make people think it's sort of funny and amusing.

For me, I think it is very much up to a person to find whether a joke is funny or amusing. Different people has different view towards different kind of jokes. Some find them funny, some find them plainly stupid. Some other just don't have any response towards them.

However, I've recently managed to collect some jokes from my colleagues and friends. And I would like to share some of them here. Maybe you might have heard some of them. For those that you have not heard, enjoy!

Hmmm... Let's see what jokes you have.

Joke #1
Person A : What colour is Doraemon?
Person B : Don't know.
Person A : Red
Person B : Why?
Person A : Haven't you heard it's theme song - "Ang Ang Ang... Tok teretaretoki..." Ang in Hokkien means red. So it's red colour!

Joke #2
Person A : Two bananas joining marathon. The first banana reached the end. And out of excitement, he take off his clothes. What happened then to the second banana?
Person B : The second banana slipped and fell down.

Joke #3
Person A : There are 4 stupid idiots trying to open start a car washing business. Since the first day of the business until the last day when the shop finally close down, there is not even one customer. Why?
Person B : No idea.
Person A : Because the car wash shop is opened at second floor. No car manage to go up to second floor. So no customer at all.
Person B : Like that also can aar?!
Person A : Anyway, after that they saw the taxi driver passing by. So they thought perhaps they could start driving the taxi to earn some money. So they all get a taxi and start to get passenger. How come they couldn't get any customer?
Person B : Not that I know of.
Person A : Because 4 of them already in the taxi. No more customer can be taken.

Joke #4
Pinocchio wants to have sex for the first time with his girlfriend. But he find his 'rod' is a little too hard and rough. So he went to consult his friend. His friend then told him to use sandpaper to smoothened his rod so it won't hurt his partner when having sex. The next day, Pinocchio saw his friend again. His friend curiously asked Pinocchio how was the sex? Pinocchip then said : "Oh, with the sandpaper, I need no girlfriend anymore to satisfy my sexual needs."

Doraemon is in red colour!?

OK. Actually there are many more. But I just can't remember. Beside, I am just so lazy to type. So tiring! Hahahaha... Anyway, now I notice most of the jokes are in Question-and-Answer form. Perhaps it needs some response from the audience to make the jokes more "interactive"?!

I realize sometime we need to remember a few jokes so that we could break the ice and at least make everyone laugh when we're in awkward situation. Some people even knows how to use jokes to cover their embarrassment. And I think it's very important too. You'll never know, during meeting, presentation, gathering, conference, some awkward situation might turn up and everyone will look at each other, hoping somebody will say something to make the whole situation feel better. So jokes could've come and save the day. Not guaranteed though! As I mentioned earlier, tell the right jokes and the right place, right time.

I've seen people try to break the ice by telling dirty jokes in a formal meeting. Gosh, after he finished the joke, everyone was like staring at him. Not sure if it was because of his bravery or the joke was simply inappropriate. Luckily there was another person managed to tell another joke to get everyone's attention away from the "in-appropriateness".

Oops, did I said something wrong?

So better shut up and don't simply tell stupid jokes. Else, you're joking yourself!

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coolgardy said...

I love jokes but not lame and stupid ones though, I find them totally idiotic.