Thursday, July 26, 2007


OK. I have to do a quick one. It's 1:36am and I should be sleeping. Just got back from movies (Die Hard 4) and supper. Very unwise!

Many things to talk about actually. But I just couldn't find a good time to type. I really need to sleep. Been sleeping very late and woke up pretty early these days. I really need more rest. I know me.

Lack of sleep = Tired.
Tired * Tired = Exhaustion
Exhaustion = Me being blur
Blur = making mistakes
Making mistakes = Getting into troubles
Troubles = Unhappiness
Unhappiness + Unhappiness = Depression
Depression = Negativities...

And the last thing I want to have is depression! No no no. I MUST SLEEP! I MUST HIT THE SACK NOW! Ain't gonna be bad boy and kick my sorry a**!

Some eye-candies to keep you guys entertained, ok?!

Gosh! I want to sleep in their arms... "Oh, hug me darling, pleazzzeee....."


1 comment:

Jason said...

Ohh... I want to be hug too! Especially during these rainy cold nights *sobs*