Monday, July 30, 2007

For You I Will

Friends have been very important to me, especially when I am still a single person without any special someone that I could hold on to every time I need him. And sometime I think I'd given too much to my friends, that some of them mis-interpret my intention, especially girls. Yeah they thought I fall for them. I was being too kind and nice. That's what they said.

And so I've learned, not to be too kind to anyone.

Anyway, being nice and kind is not wrong though. I wrote inspiring poems to my friends. I send motivating emails or messages to my friends. I even thought of baking cakes to my friends once a while to cheer them up (which I haven't done because I still think the cake is not so nicely done yet!). I even practice to play a very difficult piano pieces for my best friends.

I still remember after I managed to play the song well, I grabbed a chance and play and dedicated the song to them. Just to let them know that I really appreciate the friendship and I will play for them whenever they need me to. Gosh, I still remember I practice on my piano until my fingers bled. Yes, I was crazy! I could tell they're touched! And I am happy to know they're touched.

So you want me to be kind, or not so kind?

Following to that difficult pieces, I challenged another Franz Liszt works - Liebestraum No 3. Thought I could play that song during my friend's wedding. Too bad I don't have enough time to practice to make it on his wedding ceremony. But never mind, it is the heart that matters most!

Sometime I feel it is very unfair! I am willing to do so many things for my friends, but none of them will ever do those things for me. I know it is not right to wish for something in return. But that was just a wishful thinking. One thing for sure is that knowing them being touched and happy makes me happy too. And I guess watching them happier is a good return for me already. So once in a while when I am free, I always give some surprises for my friends. May it be a touching sms, a simple call just to say hi or a motivating poem.

Lately I saw this video clips of Michael Buble - Everything. I love it so much. Every time I watch the clip, I always assume he is singing the song for me. And it is very nice and sweet. The way he sings, the way he smiles, the way his eyes looking at me... oh, I am so melting away... And suddenly he's my everything! Hahaha... I wanna hug him and kiss him!!!

Your every line, your every word, your everything...


So when will I meet that special someone who'll be singing for me...


Queer Ranter said...

I'm sure your Prince Charming will come sooner or later. Just gotta fish around for awhile longer. :)

Jason said...

Hey, it's ok to be kind.

When there's no single sms or call from anyone, I do feel that I'm not really important to my friends but that feeling will go away quickly.

Your Prince is somewhere out there, you'll find him eventually :)

Janvier said...

It's great that you can be so giving. And in gifts that aren't necessarily bought some more - best kind.

Brian Chang said...

Dream on!, there's no Mr Right or Mr Nice Guy. Lots of guys with Mr Right "Now" and Mr Nice but Mean Later. lol

Guess some of us are labelled Dickheads/Cunts on the forehead, and that does not include the pedophiles and perverts! lol

savante said...

LOve that song as well. GReat lyrics!