Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The reason to procrastinate

If I were to use three words to label my life now, they would be following three words :

Procrastination * Computer * Love

Computer and love pretty much easy to guess. I have to face computer everyday. The recent crush I have on that guy would be labeled my 'love' life. OK, almost my love life.

Procrastinating in the office. Yes, that's my 'strength' lately.

After developing a system, a programmer like me will normally need to maintain the system. Fix 'bugs' if there is any. Enhance the system if possible. Collect some feedbacks (or complaints, to be more accurate) from customers and re-design or improve the system. Doing all these can be very hectic after the new system has just been developed. But after a while, 'bugs' getting lesser, problems decrease, complaints getting lesser and workloads eventually become lesser as well.

Nothing much to do. Better sit back and relax!

And I somehow find myself becoming a telephone operator nowadays. Being the most experienced person for the system I developed, I basically know what is the solution for the problem whenever I receive any phone call from customer.

Few years back, I would scratch my head wondering why such error occur, and why that problem still persist?! I still remember being so afraid to receive phone calls from customer fearing that I might not have the solution for the problem. Sometime I even not answering my cellphone if I know that's one of my customer. But I couldn't escape anyway. They will send an email highlighting the problem with screen-shots and everything. Worse still, they will made me be there on-site to check out the error and solve the solution ON THE SPOT! As if the problem will be solved if I were there. What are they thinking?

In that case, I normally have to find thousands of excuses to escape and run back to my office. Then I have to bury my head in reference books and staring round the clock at the computer monitor just to find the solution for each and every problems. Sleepless nights. Scary!

But now, everything about the system is in my head. Supporting multi-customers with different customization, I have no fear of getting calls or complaints from them. I have suffered enough for the past few years. And those miseries really make me so much stronger and wiser. Plus the practice makes perfect, I am so sure I am in-destructible!

So now whenever the phone rang, I will pick it up and say confidently:

"Hello! This is Ryan speaking. How can I help you?!"

When they bombarded me with lotsa questions, I would throw them back with lotsa questions too asking them different scenarios and possibilities before I answer their questions. Then normally at the end, they would be glad they found the solution for their problems and say:

"Thank you, Ryan!"

Satisfaction. Guess those hard works for the past few years really paid off!

When there's no call. I'll just sit in my chair and stare at the monitor. Using my mouse pointing in the monitor screen pointlessly and clicking anything that can and cannot be clicked. Then once a while I'll check if I've got any new mail. If yes, then reply. If no, I'd continue my clicking and pointing... until I dozed-off... then woke up and repeat the same whole thing again.

Oh, six o'clock! Pack up and .... gone!

Ahh... how nice it is if there's a hunk
pick me up after work!?!

Ah... appraisal is coming soon. I should get myself motivated again. Procrastination should be out of my life!


coolgardy said...

Always remember this, work smart not hard...

Janvier said...

Heh heh things going your way in terms of work, that's a very good thing. *thumbs up*

Twillow said...

owh work.... makes me feel like i need a job now... its been 2months since i last work and what a do all day is just surf the net lol