Sunday, August 26, 2007

Cockroach in ktv room

I was in Redbox , The Curve last night having our karaoke session with some friends. We have planned to do this during the weekend. So on Friday, I booked a room for 4 people. So last night on my way to the curve, my friend called me and she said she was there already. So I asked her to checked in first under my name. After a few minutes, she called back and said that the room provided is just too small for four people. And she said she would request to change to a bigger room.

I reached there after 5 minutes and went for the room. Yes, it was indeed too small for four people. Although we are not very big in size and 5 of us could actually fit into the room (yeah one of the friend suddenly said he also want to join, so add him 5), it would be very uncomfortable. Unsatisfied, I went to the reception counter and insisted to have a bigger room. And lady there then told me there's no more room available and she requested us to use that room first and if there's a bigger room available she would change the room for us. OK, hopefully they would.

As usual, we went to get our food. Yes it's a buffet dinner. Of course we grabbed as much food as we could and squeezed inside the small little room. Gosh, it was really uncomfortable. Even when we ate, we need to sat side by side with our thighs closed together. Never mind. Hopefully they would change a room for us. While eating, one of the friend choose some latest songs for us to listen. Well, at least that took away our attention on that dissatisfaction of the small room.

You think I could fit into that small room?!

Upon finishing our food, a waiter walked in and said there's a bigger room for us. Gosh we were over-joyed and quickly got our plates and food and moved to the new room. Yes, the room was bigger. So as usual, we start to sing our heart out. We chose those challenging songs. After all some of us are choir members and we do own some vocal skills. We may be not a professional singer, but last night, we basically think we sang professionally. Ehem... having the sopranos and tenors in da house, singing high-pitch? Definitely NOT A PROBLEM!

While singing our last few songs, suddenly one of my friend pushed away the person beside her. And she pointed something on the seat behind her. In the dark, I could barely see anything on the seat as the cushion is in black colour. The someone turn on the light and then we saw that thing - a small little cockroach.





OK, we didn't really screamed out loud. But we were quite offended to have found such thing crawling at our back on the seat. Before we could response and do something wise, we basically watched that small little thing crawled into the hole between the cushion. Goodness! What can we do now. And one of them intelligently use the tissue paper to stuck the hole (as if the cockroach would not be able to come out again from another side of the cushion). Well, after a few minutes, the thing still never come out, we continue our singing session pretending nothing happened.

Now we've got something offensive!

When the time's up, we paid our bill and was about to leave the room. We switched on the light brightly and checked if we'd left any of our belonging. Then that small little thing appeared again wandering on the black sofa freely as if looking for something to eat. Then one of my friend, pretty offended called up a waiter to come and see what we have found.

Offended friend: "Sir, see what we have found?!"

Male Waiter:"What?!"

Offended friend: "A small cockroach!"

Male Waiter:"Oh sorry to hear that!

Offended friend:"OK, so what now?! Any compensation for that? We found a cockroach in your room."

Male Waiter:"Oh sorry I don't think we can compensate anything. And since you have paid the bill, we can't do any discount or lengthen your session."

Offended friend:"So that's it?! It's the hygiene problem. We are very particular about hygiene. What kind of service is this?"

Male Waiter:"Oh come on. You see cockroach anywhere. Even if you go any other places, you will see cockroach sometime."

Offended friend:" (Very Offended!) What?! So you expect us to expect cockroaches in your room? That's very irresponsible! Is this how you provide the service? We paid for your service, and you should keep your room clean!"

And then we walked off. We could hear the waiter closed the room's door with a loud bang. Obviously he was very pissed off too with the "lecture" my friend had just given to him.

Is there a cockroach behind my sofa?

Damned, that's just so not cool. Obviously we were right. Come on, cockroach in the ktv room? No compensation? And said that we would see that in some other place? What kind of response is that? What kind of service is that?!


Lifebook said...

Oh!! Lovely!!.. I normally will take a photo and show it to the manager. Demand for a discount or he prefer to explain to the ministry of health. :)

coolgardy said...

Ok going to avoid that place now...

Calvin said...

Aiya! I've seen that little creature in KFC too when I was queuing up to order my take-away. Lol...

And about that KTV at the Curve, I heard my colleagues telling me that there were 2 girls who went to pay the bills after finished singing and the cashier charged them for 3 persons. So the girls argued that it's impossible for only two of them in the room. But the cashier said from the CCTV, there's another girl sitting beside them in the room while they're singing.

Jason said...

Err.. teruknya service.

savante said...

I thought you'd found some dead body wrapped in oilcloths :P

drownedglass said...

That's just rude. Send a complaint to Jabatan Kesihatan ;-)