Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Songs in my life

I have been having hard time to think about what to post in this blog these days. And that working life has really taken away all my energy to think about what to post. What I needed was a good rest and perhaps some privacy and my own space.

Trying to think what to post is another 'tiring job' to do. So I don't force myself. But knowing that I need to update this blog from time to time (and forcing myself to write English to improve my English), I have to think of something to write. So what I did is I'll think of the topic of what to write during lunch time, and start typing at home. So I don't have to think too much after work.

So today what I thought are to list out some songs that means something to me in my life. Let's start we three songs. Three is believed to be a luck number for Chinese. It means life. Lazy to explain. :p

Oh, ryan! So what's your favourite songs?

1) Through the rain - Mariah Carey
- It was during my depression that this songs come into existence. Great! Mariah must have predicted I will have a very hard time in that particular period of my life. Yeah, I sang it like a crazy maniac in my hostel room last time. I still remember after my final paper in my final semester, I got home. And it was raining. And I fucking stood at the front yard and sang the song out loud! Luckily nobody heard that. Because the rain was too heavy! But that song really get me through the rain.

2) Hang on in there baby - Gary Barlow
- OK. This is kind of crazy and embarrassing, but screw it. This is the first song which aroused me each time I listen to it. I think it is because of the lyrics :" Hang on in there baby! Please don't let me down... please don't destroy... this new joy we've found" or another phrase "Oh... right there right there... baby don't you move it anywhere!" or "Don't be afraid.... sweet virgin of the world..." Gosh, so fucking stimulating! I still remember masturbating with that song playing out loud in my room, fantasizing hot steamy sex... I was such a pervert! And still am.

Oh right there, right there! That bulge... Oh!

3) 矜持 (Restrained) - Faye Wong
- Love Faye Wong so much. She can really sing! This song started with her singing acapella. No other music instrument. Only her pure voice. I forgot when was the first time I listen to the song. But I remember listened to it over and over again using my walkman last time before I sleep. Lyric is romantic and touching!

(I have never resisted your charm, even though you have never been falling for me ...)

Always make me fantasizing about the man I love yet I have to refrain myself from falling in love... Damned! It reminds me of the crush... sigh...

That's the three songs for the moment. Will write more about songs that are special to me another time.

"Hang on in there baby... "


Fable Frog said...

oh i LOVE FAYE TOO!!! but i have no idea which song is that~ i dunno how to read chinese~ phuh~

沈 一 傑 said...

you're not pervert, because i feel also stimulated when i listen certain songs ... ;))) i bet, you will want to make love with someone if you feel comfortable ... and the song makes you feel that way.

that's absolutely correct. writing an entry isn't as easy as one thinks, after it became a habit. but, at least people read your blog and write lots of comments on it. i wish only that people would put more comments on my entries ... :p

i love your blog ... lots of muscular guys which motivate me to do more training ... ;)))

savante said...

How did the Gary Barlow song become stimulating? :)

coolgardy said...

U actually masturbated to Gary's song? Wonder if you still do that...hmm, kinky!

Calvin said...

Though I like Gary Barlow cos he's so handsome and sexy but I don't find anything stimulating from his songs. Hehehe... I have to admit that everyone has their own stimulating songs that will make one feels stimulated and horny.

Jason aka Azzuro Hyperion said...

Songs can really do wonders, don't they?

Bibik Nyonya said...

man you're really attracting all faye-natics to your site! Ha ha ha! I love her a lot myself even though i can't read or sing in chinese. Nice post you have there!