Saturday, August 18, 2007

Oops, I did it again!

Talk about me being naughty and hamsap, yes I can be a real pervert! Thanks to my moral education and good supervision and guidance from my parents since young, I managed to learn to control myself well enough to not causing any big problem.

But sometime I am wild enough to do something that is shockingly crazy and daring. Like capturing the photos of my crush in the KTM train. And yeah baby, I was not taking only one shot, but a few shots! No not a few, many shots!

And today, while waiting for the monorail, I saw this three beautiful foreigners there waiting for the train too. And yes, they are HOT! Oh, at that point of time, I am gonna make full use of my new cellphone.

So the following are what I got:

Three hunky musketeers?!

Oh so firm!!

That muscular thighs... My imagination went wild!

And things never end here. While on my way to the gym, I saw the following 'couple'.

Green and red! Reminds me of... apple!

"So where shall we go, darling?"

Oh so many eye-candies today. And I love my phone. And yes, I am a pervert! And obviously an unashamed horny wild stalker! Call me names, as if I care! :p

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