Friday, August 31, 2007

Merdeka Rehearsal

So for the past two days I was not updating my blog. Blame that night when the stadium merdeka was having the performance rehearsal for the merdeka 50th celebration event. Yeah I was there to witness the performance rehearsal.

I was told by a friend that the entrance was free and that the actual rehearsal will start around 9pm. So great, I've never been to a national 'rehearsal' event. I might want to give it a go right after my working hour. Maybe I would stumble upon some hunks there in that not-so-big stadium.

I hit the gym first after office hour and have a great dinner to ensure those every muscles I pumped were 'well-fed' before I took the monorail and reached Maharajalela station. It was almost 10pm. I thought I was late already. But craps. I was there already. And I promised my friend to be there to see his performance. (Yeah one of my friend was there performing! He kept on telling me that it is a show not to be missed! Yea yea... ) So I just went in the stadium. Damned! It really was crowded. I couldn't find myself a seat. So I just found a place to stand. Thank goodness I stood somewhere left hand side of the VIP area. So I had a better view of the whole field.

After observing the crowd for a moment (to look for some hunks actually), I was surprised to find that the rehearsal was yet to start. Anyway, I didn't have to wait long until the Prime Minister arrived and the rehearsal was started. Still standing, I used my cellphone to capture some fascinating performance.

So only the last performance impressed me, indeed (Maybe because my friend was there in the last performance.) With the formations and human tower they "built up", it was quite shockingly stunning to me. And damned, those youngsters were so energetic. Suddenly I felt very old!

Speaking of old, by the time the whole rehearsal end, it was already 11:30pm. After getting home and took my shower, I slept at 2am that night. Great!! The next two days I was a numb! Dozing off in the office regularly. And it seemed that sleeping earlier for the next two days didn't really help much. Not until just now I got to take a very long afternoon nap that I felt re-charged and re-energized. Haih... getting old... really.

Well, at least I was there to keep my promise to that friend. I am glad though. I was there. Guess that shows a little patriotism in me too.

Happy Merdeka ke-50th!

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Chester said...

You not old you just aging >.< eat more bioyoung or take botox lo