Saturday, August 04, 2007

My new cellphone

I have got myself a new cellphone - Nokia 6110

Nokia 6110 - Navigator phone

If you asked me why I get myself a new phone, hmmm.... I don't really know why. Somehow the idea of getting a new phone seemed very tempting for me. Besides, I sometime feel very difficult to listen to the person who speaks at the other end. So I guess maybe the phone was... useless.

To add another reason why I need the new phone is because the processor of the old one was so slow. Every time whenever I need to type a sms, I will need to type very slowly waiting the word to appear on the screen one alphabet follow by another. That's just very time consuming. Wow, now I know how patient I could be.

Furthermore, the camera! Oh how pathetic it was! Remember I captured the photos of my crush using the old phone?! How poor the quality of the photos were! Darn! If I were to have Nokia 6110 then, at least I will have a clearer view of him in my photo album in the phone. Never mind! It's over. I've just uploaded all the Daniel Henney photos I have into my new cellphone. Half-naked and those with his melting-my-heart smiles. Not to forget also those photos with his first button of his shirt unbuttoned. Oh forgive me for being a lusty pervert, for I am! :p

Yes, leave it un-buttoned!

One major feature of the phone is the GPS navigator. OK! I don't buy that phone because of the feature. So don't ask me how it is like. I still remember when I showed my new phone to my colleagues, they're all more interested with how cool the navigator could be. Whether the phone could really show the shortest path from one point to another, or is it true that the phone really knows every single roads in Malaysia. Even one of my colleague asked nonchalantly if we could use the phone to identify where a person at and what's he doing. I stared at her and then said:"Hello?! It's a navigator phone, not spying device!"

Anyway, I still haven't figured out how useful the navigator could be. Mainly because I don't need it... yet. I know how to go to office and come back home. I know how to go shopping. I know how to go watch movie. I know where to dine. I know where to find my friends. So maybe when I have a car and need to drive outstation, then it might be handy for me.

The mp3 player is good. I mean the audio is fine. I have to admit though, that the old phone have better sound quality but this one is also not too bad. At least when I put on the headset, I found the sound quality is good enough for me to listen to Michael Buble's sexy voice which always make me imagining about Micheal singing that song for me, or fantasizing Daniel gaze into my eyes. Moreover, I have Justin Timberlake's seductive and stimulating songs uploaded into the cellphone to make the whole package better. Did I just typed S.T.I.M.U.L.A.T.I.N.G.?! Oh, I just did! :p

So do you mind dancing with me on the street?

Well, having new thing always makes me happy. Now, please excuse me. I have more Daniel's photos to upload to my cellphone! :p


coolgardy said...

Hey nice phone but at the same time, don't get too 'wet' with all those uploaded features in it...LOL

m5lvin said...

It's a nice phone...wanted to get that initially but it only came free with the $49 cap usage per month......anyway I always love Micheal in my* hahahaha I mean his voice..

Reyville of Simply Manila said...

Oh God, I'm coming. HaHa.