Friday, August 17, 2007

I feel good

I have been busy these days. And I feel good. Even though it was tiring, I was being productive. It is so much better than sitting in my stupid uncomfortable chair staring at the somewhat unattractive old monitor screen while my mind was somewhere else. Maybe like fantasizing having tea break at Starbuck with Daniel Henney, or showering with Chris Evans (oh I am so f**king obsessed with the steam rising up from his body!), or being in the arms of the Jude Law and feeling his every breath behind me, or being at the beach surrounded by hunky studs...

I don't mind helping to apply sun block on their chest...

But no! Now I am busy. Lots of management things to be done. Implementation plan, designing and drafting of network diagram, draft a quotation, and receiving customers' endless calls and provide them with effective solutions... Wow... being able to do all that makes me feel good. Yeah, I feel good!

Busy! Busy! Busy! Run for your life!

No matter how tiring it is, I am happy with what I am doing and I enjoy doing it. Guess that's good! There are obstacles, felt stressed-up, put lotsa efforts, problem solved. Satisfaction gained!

Not sure how to put such feelings into words, but that's how I feel about my life now.

Now who's gonna give me a massage
after a tiring day?


Jason said...

That's good! At least you enjoy what you're doing.

coolgardy said...

Yay!! a workaholic is born... :)

savante said...

Hey hands off my Chris :P