Saturday, August 25, 2007

Rouge Assassin

So last night I was in One U watching the movie. Not a very good one I would say. A little disappointed. Though I like the hunky stud Jason Statham, the action was not impressive. And the design was just crap. Well, there's one thing I like about, the storyline.

You know the only reason I watch action movie is not so much because of how guys fightings and perform their impressive stunts, I actually enjoy their muscle being flexed or their fucking cool and attractive pose in the movie.

But in this movie, not only the stunts were not beautifully captured, there's no sexy poses there by neither Jason nor Jet Li. And the fighting scenes seem a little too fast. Perhaps I enjoy the Matrix-kind slow motion thing which can let me really see how cool it is.

About Jason, I would rather watch the Transpotter 1 or 2. His sexiness and coolness are well captured in those movie. About Jet Li, he's getting old even though his king fu skill still there. I can really see that in the movie. Time really harsh at time!

Anyway, I ain't gonna give you detail about the storyline. No spoiler! But I'll leave some photos for your viewing pleasure.

The movie poster

Jason Statham

Jet Li

Honey! Where are you? Come out!

Jet Li: "What?! They're gonna kill my hubby?"

Jason:"You know I love you, don't ya?"

*Side Note:
- Some captions are made up.

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