Monday, August 06, 2007

The indiscipline me

I was working out with my sister's boyfriend this evening after work. He just joined California Fitness few weeks back. And he is being very hardworking. I mean he will hit the gym every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and work out for like 3 hours!!!! Well, he needs to because he is somewhat over-weight. He's not fat but it is obvious that if he don't hit the gym, he'll become chubby within few years.

I was impressed by his 'hard-work' and discipline. Guess he really wants to get fit! I am wondering what my sister had said or done to him until he vows to get in shape! Anyway, I am glad I have a companion to work out with me. Working out alone in the gym is B.O.R.I.N.G! Even though you get to enjoy some eye-candies of some hunks working in the gym, they're untouchable! * Disappointed * And I don't stare at them fearing I might get into some nasty troubles.

Watcha looking at?!

Anyway, back to my discipline sister's boyfriend. I find myself SO NOT DISCIPLINE!

I don't know if I was born to be an indiscipline person, or I was trained to be one. I can't discipline myself to achieve something. Like my sister's boyfriend, he will discipline himself, make sure he does whatever was plan and follow exactly what had been planned. And me, no way! There might be a plan, but no, I won't follow exactly. Along the way, I will find if there is any short-cut, or better way to get what I want.

Maybe it is because of how I learn to play piano. Being discipline is not enough. I have to figure if there's any better way to play a song better. And keep practicing without thinking is stupid. And for me, I know practice makes perfect. Somehow I always try to find if there's any notes that I can skip so that I won't need to practice too hard to play a song well enough to perform.

Maybe because of how I study too. Being a 'sophisticated' students, I don't read the whole textbook. (Who does anyway?!) I don't even finish the whole lecture notes. Normally I would first bugging the lectures asking which is the scope and I would only concentrate on those "important points" and totally, I mean TOTALLY ignore the others. Guess that's what I call study smart!

Trying to be smart, huh?!

I think life had shaped me to have this kind of attitude in life. Even the way I work out in the gym, trying to figure out if there is a way to not "work so hard". Telling myself that being absent one or two days in the gym is alright. Searching for some short-cuts to avoid difficult exercises yet can bulk myself up. Sometime I even told myself that as long as I eat a lot more than I used to, then I will be fat! Too bad, it doesn't work that way! My metabolism is just so freaking high that no matter how much I eat, they either being used up by me (being hyper-active adults) or go straight down and out of my body! Oops, obscene and gross!

No wonder after two years of working out, I only manage to gained 3 kgs. Pathetic! I know! In fact I know I am not gonna put on weight even I joined the fitness club. I know I can be lazy. I know I am not being realistic. I knowingly cheated myself and still doesn't really care about it. That's why I always tell myself I need a personal trainer to supervise me. Again, no money no talk.

Never mind. I will be able to hire a personal trainer in two years time. You just wait and see! And then I will have Daniel's body! Urgh... I will just need to endure and work harder! I need a BIG increment!

That body... *fainted*


coolgardy said...

Indiscipline can always be cured, all you need is to straighten that mind of yours, and then the rest will follow. Like today, was not suppose to wake up so early but I made a determination to work out early in the morning so that I can feel whats it like, and man, I really LOVE it.

If I were to see anyone lazing around in the gym the next time Im there on Mon-Wed-Fri, I know jolly well its you! I will smack that butt of urs! :p

Janvier said...

Two years and 3kg? High five! You and us are somewhat in the same boat - although we haven't started feeling overly guilty about that yet.

Queer Ranter said...

Its normal to all of us. We have make a commitment to what we want to achieve. Without that commitment, nothing will work. The commitment is made within ourselves.

Do what you said you'll do and when you said you'll do it. :)

Jason said...

Well, just follow your heart. Being indiscipline won't do any harm :P

savante said...

Same over here. Sigh. I need some discipline as well.