Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Language speaking

I am a Chinese. Growing up in this multi-racial, multi-cultured, multi-coloured, multi-media... country, I got to learn different kind of languages. I know mandarin, malay and english of course, and I know a bit hokkien, hainam and cantonese.

Being able to speak Chinese perfectly well, I am not really interested in China history or being able to memorize all those Chinese poems or proverbs. But still I am good in speaking Chinese. This is mostly because I was well-trained during my primary school. I represented my school to participate in the state Chinese Public Speaking competition. Even though I never really won the first prize, the training before the competition was a very tough one.

Wanna come train with me?!

I still remember I was given the script. And I was assigned to first find all the pronunciation (han yu pin yin) for each and every words. I need to spell it out and rewrite the whole script with the pronunciation under every single word. After that, I needed to pronounce the word correctly to the trainer a few times. Then only I am allowed to start memorize the script. So I was very good in speaking mandarin since then. Even after my primary school, I still participated public speaking competition when I was in form 5 which I won a second prize for the state competition.

Being able to speak perfectly does not imply that I am good in that language. No. I am not that good in writing. I only got 3B for Chinese for SPM. Damned, I targeted to get 2A! Anyway, my Chinese is still very much better than English. (Surprisingly, I got 2A for English and 6C for 1119!) Craps!

My English improved drastically after I entered university. I befriended Malay and Indian friends. So I have less Chinese friends to talk to. I was lucky I got a room-mate who is a banana Chinese boy then. So I got to speak English with him. I was surrounded by friends who spoke English. Consequently, my English improved! I even got Band 5 for MUET! Yeah, as if no one got that band 6! Damned!

We all speak English!

And still, I like man who speak good English. That impressed me. Perhaps because I like Caucasian. Or perhaps I always prefer the western culture. Or perhaps that make me feel more classy and elegant. I once thought that my fantasy man will be someone who could speak English fluently

And please, some men are so kiasu!!! Not only they could not speak good English, they somehow pretend they're good at it. And the way they imitate Englishman's accent is just disgusting and unbearable! Gosh, maybe I was one of them. I think I need to attend short courses. Taking public speaking class? Or maybe just go for an advance English class!

Want me to give you a lesson or two? Just talk to me, honey!

No money no talk! I think I'll just start with reading first...


coolgardy said...

Ryan, Ryan...would u like me to tutor you on the very fine art of speaking English...but then, again, I would not be eligible, since my handling of the language is so Americanized...even to the very part of spelling.... :)

savante said...

Nah, speaking English well isn't exactly a prerequisite for me. As long as folks are willing to learn :)

Janvier said...

Language immersion is always the best way to pick up a language - you get the nuances, grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary. Probably just not on spelling, heh.

Somehow we never could pick up Chinese. :s

Ah-Bong said...

aha... i never dared to sit for chinese paper in spm, i bet i would score 4B then. LOL... but you know, caucasian doesn't mean they're good in english. coolgardy's got such a cute example. miss south carolina speaks with such GOOD english i'm pretty sure you're better than her. :-) happy holiday dude!

Sam said...

I don't speak very Americanized - but my spelling is quite very Americanized. I do assume the professional style of speaking English though when I'm at work - a rare sight to see. :P