Monday, August 20, 2007

Nervous Breakdown

I was late for work today. Thanks to my midnight pee last night that I managed to post an entry before I continue my sleep. Anyway, I got into the office, switched on my computer, open my Mozilla Firefox and go to Yes, I need to read some news. Ain't gonna be that stupid ignorant fella who knows nothing about what happened in the world.

Why aren't you sleep tonight?

Guess what I found - Taiwan’s A-Mei recovering from nervous breakdown.

Boy oh boy! Another diva suffered from nervous breakdown again. I remember few years back, my favourite super diva, Mariah Carey had suffered from nervous breakdown too before her new mega hit movie Glitter hit the wide screen. I still remember it happened during my first year in university. Gosh, it reminds me of the two songs from the movie - 'Lead The Way' and 'Never Too Far'. If you're a Mariah's fan, I strongly recommend this two songs. If you're not, then up to you whether you want to listen or not. :p

Well, I don't really understand why they would suffer from nervous breakdown. To me their life seems ok to me. Anyway, we don't really know what happened to them. Maybe they were really going through a very difficult time. However, they somehow will get through it since they have all the necessary help or aids readily available for them. Go to a rehab, hospital, meet psychologist, psychiatrist etc... They will eventually be fine.

Looking back when I was having my depression, I really have no where to turn to. I didn't really locked myself in the room for three days like Amei did. But I really try not to get out of the room except for lunch and dinner. Yeah I skipped my breakfast. I normally slept till very late during that time fearing to wake up and need to face the world. Cried myself to sleep and waking up feeling exhausted. And yeah, depression did degraded my health, mentally and physically!

I'm gonna get through this!

I could hardly get anyone to talk to and getting to meet shrinks suddenly seemed very difficult that time. Maybe I didn't like the idea of meeting a shrink. But I remember at one point I was dying to meet one so I could blah out whatever things I have been keeping within myself. And no. There's no one.

Anyway, I got through it now. Through my faith and family supports. Yeah mom somehow noticed my weird behaviour and I confessed my worries and fears to her. And soon the news break to my whole family and I still remember I got a hug from my elder sister. Awww.... she's so sweet. Love her so much! Family is so important!

Look, they're all coming to give me hugs! How sweet!

Having said that, I hope Amei will recover soon. And I pray very sincerely that none of you will suffer from nervous breakdown nor depression. May you all be blessed with hopes, joys and happiness.


coolgardy said...

I never had a nervous breakdown, when even the darkest hour descended on me, I just sat by and looked at my adversary and thought how best can I alleviate this and or maybe change it? I dunno, I get sad yes but I have learnt...

Jason said...

Poor AMei. :(
Hope she'll recover soon.

Janvier said...

Great. We're stupid and ignorant. :)

luvktv said...

OMG, the first picture was WAY 2 HOT!